Cutting down tree

How to Cut Down a Tree in 30 Minutes.

Self Improvement

Yeah, you may already know how to do that. That is a kind of everyday wisdom. Get a knife or an axe and chop it down.

Yeah that will do it, but am not sure if it will be done in 30 minutes. So here is how to do it in 30 minutes, don’t use a knife use an axe, don’t go straight to cutting the tree, spend 20 minutes in sharpening your axe, 2 minutes in mapping out strategy and then use 8 minutes to cut it down.

You can actually skip the second step.

It’s a simple kind of wisdom, it’s something everyone can relate to, I know. But Wisdoms are always not difficult to relate to, that is why we are always astonished when we observe then. We always find them in common places and in the simplest form of life.

How do you relate with the story of King Solomon in the holy book. One of the stories that prove that he is one of the wisest men that have ever live is also the implication of common wisdom, the dispute between the two prostitutes.

Looking at it now, it seems to be the easiest dispute a king can preside over. In the children story book i read in my little days, that was the only story written about King Solomon to highlighted his great wisdom. But even as a kid I was able to relate with the story, I can tell what the whole story was insinuating… when someone want something precious or good to be destroyed it simply means he or she is not the rightful owner, although there are other ways to interpret it. But It seem simple to understand now, but then no-one thought about it in that way only king Solomon and for doing that he banged a life time award.

But in the story of the two prostitutes, it’s not all about the child rather it’s about the heart of man, it’s about the intentions, it’s about the emotions.

Why will someone have her child killed?

Almost every day, we use the wisdom of King Solomon to discern who is truthful and who is not.

Just like the wisdom of cutting a tree in 30 minutes, it’s not just applicable to trees only, it’s applicable to other areas of life like startup, relationships, investment, writing and many much other things.

If you can take time to sharpen your skills your labor might become much easier. Sharpening your skills can involve reading, learning skill, attending seminars, going to college or whatever. Remember IF YOU CAN TAKE THE TIME, because most times it really takes huge much of time to do that. But If you do, you might really stop working hard and start working smart and still see result.


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