How to Create a Masterpiece

Writing & Publishing

First, create thousands of apprentice pieces. If you want to create a Masterpiece, trying creating thousands of awful pieces.

The truth is, if we can act and get it right at first the world will be successful and masterpiece creators.

And that is why there are few masterpiece creators.

When we create our first hundred pieces and if they are awful, we quit. Offcause now you should know that there are only few masterpiece creators, but In case you don’t know here is how they did it, they created hundred it was awful, they continued they created two hundred, it was still awful, they went on to create more until they hit thousands they probably didn’t not create a Masterpiece at one thousand but they continued. The thing is that they didn’t quit.

They continued probably because they understood one thing, which is that perfection do not come only by wishing, dreaming, hoping, wanting, positivity or by creating just hundreds of piece but only by continuous practice, involvement and creation.

Whatever you are doing or about to do, there are hiding techniques involved in creating a Masterpiece in it and most of these techniques you have to create it for yourself. Some are things you won’t be able to do on your first hundred tries, and your teacher, instructor or mentor won’t even help you on that. Every masterpiece is created with a unique style and for you to find your style; it will require probably thousands of tries and creations.

Here is what I mean look at your best artist or the most popular in the industry, study their history and know how they started. They didn’t just wake up one day, hit the studio and created a Masterpiece. If it’s that way everybody can simply do the same and attained the same height.

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Here is the truth nobody told us, …for we to able to make beautiful clothes, we have to start making awful ones, for we to sing a pleasant melody, we have to sing awful ones, for we to be able to write a great book, we have to start writing shitty ones, for we to be able to create something great we have to start creating bad stuff first. Also in business, you may have to do it wrong for so many times before you can get it right and almost every aspect of our life. That is how we learnt how to walk, talk, eat and pretty many other things.

We have to Start and consistently do because consistency leads to excellence.

Here is another thing, our struggle and difficulties are not an excuse, if they become an excuse today, they will still be tomorrow. If you have a dream of creating a Masterpiece in any area you must continue to create an awful piece in that area and I can assure you one day you will create a Masterpiece. One day, probably after your thousand awful pieces.


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