How to Improve Yourself in Anything.

Self Improvement Writing & Publishing

Actually there is only one way I can think of  and that is to improve 1 percent every day. It doesn’t really matter what it’s, the only way to improve in any thing is to try to be better more than you are yesterday.

A journey of a thousand miles start with a bold steps, but it might not really be a bold step, it can actually be a faint step but what is important is that it a step. And one step everyday can transform your existence.

Here is what I mean, if you want to become a writer divided what it takes to become The Best Writer into 1,825 days that is approximately 5 years and do the portion of what it takes a day every day.

Try it in making videos.

In learning new skills.

In becoming a better sport man.

In thinking positive.

In writing a book.

And in pretty much other things.

We understand and make use of this rules in some aspect of our life but we fail to apply it in other important areas of our life that it can serve us better.

It’s through this rules you earn a Degree in school, by splitting what is required to earn a degree  in 4 years into days and doing a day portion almost every day.

That is also how we earn salaries, by splitting what it takes to earn salary in a month into days and doing the portion for a day almost every day.

Improving 1 percent every day is easier, convenient and there is certainty of accomplishment. But what am not sure is if it’s faster. And am sorry I don’t know any fast way to improving in anything.



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