The I WILL Club.

Self Improvement

This is one of the most populated membership clubs that exist. Almost everyone has once been a member. But it’s the wrong kind of club to belong. It’s one of the clubs we need to destroy our membership credentials and say aloud I seize to become your member from now on.

Because this club is a kind of disease that eat up our time, drain our energy and make us spiritually and physically stagnant.

Here is how it goes; hey guy, when are you starting to write the book or the post? Oh I Will start next week.

When are you starting to learn the skill? I will start on Monday.

When are you starting to make the Video? Oh, I will start tomorrow.

When are you starting the business, exercise, the company, the self improvement, to invest, to read, to have fun……. I WILL start next tomorrow, next week, next Month, next year…

The truth is I WILL never bring results, what brings results is action.

Miracles, good luck, success, happiness and more other good stuff come into someone’s life through the door of ACTION.

Instead of leaving it till tomorrow you can start now, just a little action. One percent of the total action need to actualize a task, will compound in 100 days to make up the task.

And it only takes one percent of ACTION to leave the I WILL club.

The bottom line is never leave what can be done today, till tomorrow. Or this hour, till next hour. Or this year, till next year.



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