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Hi Everyone, Emmanuel Onyewuchi is here,


I said that not just to get your attention, but because I mean it. For the fact you are you, and you are human, you have awesomeness in you, for sure I know that.

I have something for you here. But first I want to apologize if I invaded your privacy, if that is the case you can simply untag yourself, we will still be friends I assure you that.

I know most of us don’t like reading long post, I no pretty well about that, because am on that list too. But that was then. I read pretty much now, I can even read a book with 300 to 400 pages it doesn’t scare me anymore unlike before; I will not dare touch it. Big sized books are always a big discouragement for me, I know it’s same for many too, also lengthy post. The thing for me now is, once the book or post looks like something that will contain ideas, solutions and great opinions I read it. Let’s pause here about reading, maybe we will talk more about it later.

If you have read to this extent, please try to read to the end, it’s lengthy to be honest with you but you can pause and come back for it. If you can do that, you will get something from me someday.  Maybe someday i might take you out for lunch, or for dinner, or for a date (just kidding) but try reading to the end. And after reading try sharing or tag it to your friends they might actually find it useful.

I want to share with you, 11 things I learnt after writing and publishing 99 post in my blog. Chuksemmablog.com, this is my 100 blog post.

To set your mind ready for what you will be reading it’s not just all about what I learnt, there are wisdoms and ideas in the phrases and sentences that make up this post, so please pay attention to details.

Six months ago I set out to write and publish in my blog, to talk about ideas, solutions, my opinions and my experience. So here are things I learnt during this short period of time.

#1 You Don’t Need to be Perfect to Start Anything.

Perfection is the enemy of learning.

I have always wanted to be a writer, I love the idea of being able to writer thousands of words that can actually live forever, to solve problems, to pass out ideas and to help people and myself get through in life and pretty much other things.

But that was just a dream 7 months ago I saw it as something that won’t be possible, because I discovered that I’m dyslexic (dyslexic is about having difficulty in dealing with words, like reading, spelling and structures) you probably won’t know until I write you a handwritten letter.

Everything changed when I read an Ebook from @Yann Girard about writing. He said something like the only way to become a writer is to write.. It’s quite simple right? That was how simple it sounded to me, but it sounded as a kind of relief to me, because it kick against my idea that for me to become a writer I must be perfect in spelling, structure and grammars or I must have a degree in any relate discipline that deals with writing or I have to take some training or courses and all that, to be able to write or become a writer.

To cut the story short, I took Yann advice and started as bad as can. And after six months I can see pretty much improvement, though there are lots of works still needed to be done.

Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. We need to see the need to be perfect in anything as an enemy and treat it like one.

You don’t have to be perfect to start anything; you can start as pretty bad as you can. You don’t need to figure out all the steps you need to take before you start. Like in a curve staircase, you don’t need to see the whole staircase before you climb up. When you get involved in anything you get to learn more about that thing, and you will always find opportunities to grow. It gets better in the process, that is just it.

There is a rule called the 10,000 rules, it means if you give anything 10,000 hours of your actions you will become experts in that thing. These include writing, Athletics, business, any form of skills and pretty much other things. But if you also give 1000 hours in anything you will become good in it.

So, don’t wait to be perfect to start your next project.

#2 Believe in Your Ability to Do Anything

Believe is the only thing that will prompt you to attempt anything you have never done before.

The conviction that you can do, is the beginning of greatness.

I will always say before now, I wish I can write, I wish I can have my own blog, I wish I can make videos and upload in YouTube. When I watch or read peoples stuff I always wish I can create similar things. When I got the idea that I can do anything I set out to do that was really when I started doing and when I really started living.

There’s no greater sense of living than sense of feeling productive, and sense of productivity also do comes from doing what you wish you can do.

The belief that I can do anything started from the understanding of human nature. Knowing that we are AWESOME, we are extraordinary being unlike other animals we have a higher sense of consciousness. We are dynamic in nature, we are adaptable. We can adapt to any circumstances, any environment.

That is the reason why we can set out to learn one set of skill today, tomorrow we can learn another. We can live in Sahara region in African (in hot weather) for ten years and still go to Europe (in cold weather) and live more 20 years. We have the ability to change the course of our life by just a moment of thought. This is unlike other animals that operate by genetic code and instinct.

When I get to know that I can do anything I set out to do (you too you can) when I got that sense of belief about myself, everything changes. I started writing and now am doing things I was wishing I can do. Am actually applying this idea to pretty much everything in my life, the belief that I can do anything my mind set out to do. And am sure the result will be positive in few years to come.

You can do the same also, believe in yourself, you are an awesome being, you have greatness within you.

#3 Consistency is more Important Than Quantity.

When I start the journey to writer, I wanted to write as many words as possible. It was always impossible. Many times, I won’t know what to write, writing blocks were always there to boo me. I use to think then that I need to write a master piece, something that everybody will like or a huge numbers of word before I hit the publish button.

It’s was a big problem for me, I almost quit. It was a hire lot of struggle for me until I came across Seth Godin, he writes in few words but quality content and he also publishes almost every day in his blog.

It made meaning to me; I really don’t have to write hundred, three hundreds or thousands of words before I publish. What is important is to always show up with the intention of creating; writing good stuffs, to be consistent is what is important.

Here is the thing, It doesn’t matter how huge you start a project, or how much time you put to it, maybe some time ago. If you fail to regularly show up on it, it will not grow, it won’t get better. In the other hand it doesn’t matter how small you start anything or the little time you consistently put into anything, if you do put in that little time and effort, there are up to 100%  percent chances of you growing and becoming better.

Compound effects has a way of multiplying consistency to arriving at a great results, regardless of how little the effort and time is.

Consistency leads to excellence

#4 Get a Mentor in Your Circle

This was difficult for me; I mean 2 years ago or 7 months ago. I didn’t actually know whom to take as my mentor. First I didn’t know what a mentor is supposed to be doing for his or her mentee. Someone once told me am her mentor, I feel like I failed her. I didn’t know what to teach her. Hello my mentee if you are reading this, am sorry.

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Here is what I have learnt about mentors, they are people who guild you to where you are going, they understands the system you are working on more than you do. They have better knowledge and experience more than you do. They probably have read more books than you or have had more firsthand practical experience than you. Age doesn’t really matter. Financial status should also not be primary determinant of your mentor.

When I wanted to take writing serious I felt I needed someone who knows more than I do about this whole thing to guild me. I couldn’t relate with anyone physically maybe because am shy, I got a virtual mentor (a mentor you can probably see online or through video) the funny thing is none of my mentors know me, I just got connect to them read their books or their blogs, follow their pages on social media and take some of their advice.. just that, and now they are my mentor. One of them is James Altucher, this guy is probably crazy but he will make you think, am glad he crossed my path or I crossed his path. Another person is Yann Girard I got to know James Through him, these guys saved my life seriously I feel am now living, I now feel I will become important to my generation. I have mentors not just in writing, but pretty much in anything am doing or plan to do, like writing, blogging, digital marketing, startup, investing and pretty much other things. So when physical mentors are not available you might consider virtual mentors. Oh I forget to let you know am a fan to this guys too Mathew blaise, Luky udu, Davina Francis  and some other guys or girls. I love what they are doing. They probably didn’t know that I’m a fan to then. That is life in digital age; you probably will not know who is spying on you.

But the thing is your mentor doesn’t have to be from your village, or your maternal home. Your mentor can be someone from anywhere, whom your spirit connects to. Whom you admire his or her efficacy. It can be your junior.

Here is another thing, we always like to choose a mentor based on financial success neglecting the idea of choosing a mentor who is doing what we are doing or what we want to do.

Here is why  I think choosing a mentor because of financial capacity and influence rather than someone who is doing what you are doing or intend to do is a bad idea, If you chose Mark Zukerberg as your mentor, who is into tech and probably you are into fashion, if he wants to explain any of his rules to success and probably use a technology terms like cybernetics or social media digital marketing integration to give an example for clear understanding of his rules to success, how will you comprehend. It will definitely sound strange and confusing to you.

Here is what I have learnt on choosing a mentor. Chose someone who has done or is doing what you are doing.

Don’t chose a mentor based on financial success.

Choose someone your spirit connects with. You can choose me, I’m feeling right now that our spirit will connect (wink) just kidding. But I hope you got the idea?

#5 Reading is Important to Your Mind

If you have read up to this stage in this post congratulations, you are probably among the 10% of people in the entire world who read books and 10% out of the 100% of the people who read books after graduating from college.

I was among the 90% of the two categories. Three years ago when I wrote my final exams on my ND program, I swear not to read any book in my life even a signage. Not just me, some of my course mate said so too. I don’t know why it’s so we become so much angry with books after exams, maybe it’s the school system they try to force you to read stuff you are not interested in, many which you won’t need after graduating. But am glad I broke my oath. I can’t imagine me not have consumed all the books I have read, it will look like I am blind in the world where there’s light everywhere.

I broke my oath am glad I did, am now an addicted reader, I read pretty much anything that resonate with me, I probably read like Wake Soyinka or any person in your neighborhood who’s smartness or intelligence is attributed to reading.

The thing is that, as food nourishes your body, books nourish your mind.

Anything you need to know about life is hiding inside books, not the kind you read in school. But the one written by most of those people who have lived a great life before you, even those who have achieved what you want to achieve have written books, they have given best practical advice and tips on how they achieved their success, which you can study and make a life from.

Ideas are what you need to make life in 21 century and that you can get from reading books.

#6 Have Your Own Platform

This is more likely for writers, business owners or public figures. Having your own platform is necessary. This is also one of the things I learnt from #Yann.

Platform here can mean in the online or offline (office). But am more specific about online, having your own website or blog. It’s nice to have your own platform where you set your own privacy, where you set your own rules, where you determine what happens.

I created chuksemmablog.com to do internet stuffs, when I got the idea of having my on platform where I can make the rules and conditions, I turned the blog into my notepad it has helped me reached more people globally, it’s like an asset to me now.

But the truth is, it’s kind of risk to put your works and stuff in someone easy platform like in social media where you don’t have 30% control of. For example Mark Zukerberg can wake up from the wrong side of the bed tomorrow and say he doesn’t want again, that he wants to pull Facebook down. Of course he can do that, he owns the platform, he has the right to do whatever he wants.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Youtube and many other social media are someone’s platform, it is wise to have your own too.

Having your own platform helps you to have an organize records of your works; it also helps you build momentum, that is from the idea of having something tangible. It also helps you reach out to more people.

#7 Skills are Essential in 21 Century

I have been to 2 years in college ( polytechnic ) I did not  learn any essential skill to help me survive in really world. I will not encourage anyone to going to college ( university). College is a scam, you can argue that anyway.

Knowing fully well that we don’t need all those theories they will still go ahead and pile it on us. And after we are done and ready for the market, the market will start demanding for practical experience in form of 5 years working experience, where do they want you to get that, and at the end you will end up doing odd jobs, Jobs that people who didn’t go to college are doing. That is a scam.

You might say they have industry training program (IT) to help us learn the practical, but how will are the programs, because we still have degree holders in business management who can’t manage business or build a company, many don’t even have the idea of what it takes to start a company or run a business. While people who didn’t go to college are establishing industries, what a scam.

At first year in school I was better than the lecturer that thought my class ICT, one of the most important skill that is important to anyone in this 21century. It was obvious that I was better than him in terms of ICT practical knowledge, the way he teaches it, it was as if it’s something that is not important to the student. I was feeling for my course mate; though many of them didn’t care they probably didn’t see it to be important too. And the skills I had that made me think that I was better than my lecturer than regards to ICT was a skill I learnt within six months, by a road side institute. You see one of the reason I don’t like college.

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I believe if you can read and write, you can learn any theory you wish to learn and primary and secondary education can help you with that, the ability to read and comprehend. But more importantly skills are things you should acquire, I wished I invested all my two years in college learning skills it would have been more valuable than spending it in polytechnic.

Here are few skills I recommend for you to learn.

_writing skills
_creative skills
_programing skills
_digital marketing skills
_blogging skills
_management skill
_positive thinking skills
_customer relationship skills
_painting skills
_fashion designing skills
_stock trading skills
_sport betting skills
_video making skills
_public speaking skill
_farming skills etc there are hundreds of skills and micro skills to learn that are more important than college degree.

If you are just finishing high school (secondary school) use your college (university) tuition fee to learn any of the skills listed above and other skill you can think of within two year, at least ten in aggregate. You will thank me later. If you are in college learn skills as you study, it’s for your own good. If you are done studying throw away your degree and go learn skills. That is what is saleable in 21 century.

#8 Have A Side Package While You Work or School.

Something no one told me until last seven months, maybe someone told me before then but did not sound it so serious, I can’t remember.

If you are still in college your idea is probably to graduate and get a job. Am sorry to tell you this, there are no jobs. You already know this. If you are working probably you are hoping some day you will get a rapid promotion to become the CEO, sorry to break your heart It won’t happen. Am not God or devil am just being real.

If you are working, you probably observe how terrible it’s working for the boss. They will order your life as if they where the one who created you.

If you are in school or you have a day job you can learn some micro skills, that is one of the side package I mean, if you have talents work on them. Start a side hustle, start a business start a company start a side package, if you are a writer write a book, trust me that is what will give you the life you want. Not your job or your college degree.

You may not listen to me, I’m not a six figure guy. Am probably still trying to fix my own life, but I will love if we succeed together.

#9 Money is A Tool to Harvest Happiness Not A Source Of Happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say money is not important. In fact the lack of money is the root of some evil. But the truth is money doesn’t give you happiness.

Freedom to do what you love is what gives you happiness. If you wake up on Monday morning and decided you don’t want to go anywhere, you just want to sleep all through that day and in the course of doing that, there was nothing to worry about or no one called to shout on you that is actually freedom. Please don’t try that. That is laziness. But when you can set your own rules for your life that is freedom and by being free you can do more of what you love which then gives you happiness.

Money is just a tool that you can use to buy freedom to do what you love.

If you look around, you will surely observe many people who earn more than you do but are not happy, they simply do not know how to use their money to buy happiness, that is buying freedom and doing what makes them happy.

What senses are my trying to make here? You can be doing odds jobs, like work you don’t like or whatever, you can do them to make money, then use that money to buy yourself freedom, freedom to do what you love to do. I hope I was clear enough. You can actually do that gradually, little by little buying yourself freedom so that one day you will be free doing what you want, setting your own rules.

Hey please, one more thing here don’t assume anything about me, am still a regular kind of guy, am also trying to fix my own life. So, all these advice are for me too, am writing them so that tomorrow I will have something to read to correct my mistakes. And actually they are things I learnt during my journey to 100 blog post. I didn’t not say I have perfected everything I have written but these are ideas I think is ideal for building a great life, and I’m also trying to live to them and I wish you will try too.

#10 Invest in Yourself More Than You Invest In Anything.

In the course of writing 100 blog posts, I learnt that I have to invest in my mind because that is where every single word I will write will flow from, that is where ideas that will shape my life will flow from. Maybe that is why a passage in the bible said something like, guild your heart with all diligent from it flows the issues of life.

Knowing that, I started investing in my mind, I started buying books instead of playing sport betting, I started spend some time reading books instead of going to watch football. I started subscribing to positive channel online and unsubscribing from channels that has not really helped my mind to be healthy.
Now am enjoying the outcome this is really one of the things I want to be doing, writing. I now feel more confident writing. I will just place my hands in the key and words flow.

I don’t really know what easy to tell you about investing in yourself. Ok wear good clothes, your outlook is as important as you’re inside look.

#11 Wisdom is Everywhere.

If there is anything you need in this world, I believe that is wisdom. King Solomon in the bible spent all his life time practicing and talking about wisdom he probably knows how important it’s.

Wisdom is still very important in our modern days. It’s one of the precious gift human don’t pay to acquire. I have learnt that wisdom is everywhere, we just have to seek her and we will find her. We already have all it takes to discover wisdom which are a sense of sight, an imagination, our mind and our brain. If we apply these four elements of our existence together in the quest of seeking wisdom, we will find her in everything we do and pretty much everything around us.

For example when you come across a child who is learning to walk, just observe all his or her activities, tries and errors, failing and stumbling, observe him or her for about a month probably by then he or she is now walking or running. Then relate the whole experience to learning new skill or new thing. When you start, everything will probably look impossible, you may probably fail many times but when you continued to some extent you will probably start understanding everything and start getting better. The whole concept is just Wisdom, the ability to relate that two phenomenon is wisdom.

Wisdom is all about relating two or more things together to form one meaningful thing or fact, or act, or whatever.

Ok, I’m done here. Am glad you read to this point. I will probably expand this post to a book or what do you think?

If you feel like telling me something just drop it on the comment section. Let’s stay connected like my page Emmanuel Onyewuchi or subscribe to my newsletter in chuksemmablog.com to receive my post straight to your box.

For those I have not seen I hope to see you some day and for those I have seen before now I hope to see you again, probably we will do some one corner movement (wink) like talking about ideas and opportunities.


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