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What are the common perceptions you have about creativity?

Here is what I use to think about creativity, I use to think that people who are creative are gifted in a special kind of way, I also use to think that they are highly educated like they are among those found in the science department in any institution. When I also want to measure creativity I will first bring Thomas Edison, or Wright Brothers, or Bill Gates, Wole Soyinka in one side and bring who or whatever I want to measure in the other side, then I compare and contrast. If they have anything In common, I qualify the latter side to be creative.

That was me then.

Creativity is not all about inventing, or creating new things, creativity also involves putting one or two things already created by others to form one or half meaningful thing.

A few days ago I saw some pictures on the net, pictures of a man who made beautiful exotic side chair with old abandon tyres. What probably did he do? He brought the old tyres, maybe with woods, foams, leathers and paints put them together it turned into beautiful exotic side chairs. Was he highly educated I don’t think so, was he the one who invented all the materials, nope. In fact, the tyres were abandoned tyres.

Here is how the phone or device you are using to read this stuff is created, Company A makes the Battery, Company B makes the chipsets, Company C makes the casing, Company D makes the mouthpiece, earpiece and other components all by different companies in some cases. Then HTC, Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc gather all these components and put them together to make up the gadget, after that they go to Bill Gates(Windows) or Google (Andriod) or Apple(IOS) as the case may be and say I have a machine, here are the details of it and these are also how I hope for it to function so I want you to write some set of programs (operating system, in smartphones, mobile operating system) that will make that possible. By that, you have Windows, IOS, or Android or whatever version. By bringing together all this component and the operating system we now have our smartphones or computers.

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I think that is creativity.

The truth is everyone can be creative, anyone can become what he or she wants to be if he or she is so determined to be, he or she must also have to respect time. I mean respect time, because everything that has to become, uses time.

One of my favourite writer James Althucher will say if you want to become an idea machine or develop your creativity, write down ten ideas every day, by that someday you can come back to your idealists and perform am idea s*x ( mixing two more ideas together)  and come up with one workable idea. These are some of the things he suggest you should write ideas on, in case you don’t know what to write about, write about any business opportunity you observe, what you can do to help other people, your family, your country you don’t have to give anybody money, it can just be a simple advice on how you think someone can do something better. Just write about anything you can think of the relationship, family, business, investment, opportunities, health, committed etc.

I really wanted to become an idea machine, to become creative so I decided to try it. I thought it will be easy to write ten ideas about everything in my life, but that is like the most difficult thing you can do, I couldn’t even write up to 5 ideas or write every day when I attempted it, even till now. But I try to write as possible as I can, sometimes it’s just one idea, sometimes two, sometimes it’s twice in a week. My ideas consist of the name of the title of post or book I wish to write, business ideas, a business I might likely start up, the book I will read, the skills I will I need to learn or improve, the philosophy I will have to adapt and so on. Whenever I look at my jotter I always have something to think about and to write about, fortunately, today it’s about creativity.

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Here is how I believe anyone can become more creative;

Keep a note of ideas, plans, wishes and goals, you can always come back to reread them, then maybe give them a few thoughts.

Always look at things twice first with your normal human sight, two with your imaginative sight.

Always ask why, I don’t mean bordering people with questions, what I really mean is always ask yourself why, like why is that thing that way, why do I believe on this, why are my doing this? Why is my purpose here on earth? Why are my not successful ?.. I asked myself the last question, I think I now know why.

I can’t really tell if the advice to write down ten ideas every day is really helpful, but am trying as much as I can to do what I can do about it. Maybe it’s actually helping me develop my creativity in writing, whatever it’s doing or not doing for me, am going to continue with it, and am going to continue writing. Am writing my first book and after that, I will write my second, then third and fourth and then I will go back and reread them and think about them just to know if they are good or bad, or if I’m creative.

But seriously I don’t really care how bad it will be I will just try my best to make it as good as I can, and that is what is important in anything you are doing or intended to do.

And that is what is creativity 101.


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