Do Wishes Come True?

Self Improvement

At a younger age I wished to be a pilot, then a doctor, then a businessman. But none of these things happened for me. Now I am wishing for many things, it’s possible that none will come true, at least not as I wished for it.

We don’t always get what we wish for, maybe it’s just me. Or maybe my wishes are far too big. But even in little things, our wishes don’t always come true as wished.

When we wish that someone will love or treat us in a certain way, it always doesn’t happen, they either love or treat us probably in a similar way and sometimes in a different way. Or when we wish to find money on the floor as we walk home, or have our dream house, our dream car, or paint a visual picture of the kind of lovely family we want to have. They don’t really happen as we wished for them; they end up just being a house, a car not really the dream type.

Wishes don’t always come true, that is what I will probably say. But what I have found out is that we might really don’t get our wishes as we wished for it, but we can get similar to our wishes.

That is the truth I found out, that I believe will save my life and help me live better.

In many cases, wishes don’t come true or similar, because we wish and believe that the law of attraction will bring it to us, or God in his miraculous ways will provide us all our wishes and then we neglect the process, action. That was why I never became a pilot, a doctor, a businessman or whatever.

The ability to wish is one of the things that make us human, the ability to create how we want our future to look like. That is one major source of human happiness, the ability to look into the future and see what is possible for us. That gives us tremendous joy.

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Whatever we wish for is possible for us, “if we can conceive it, we can achieve it” says one great philosopher. We might really not achieve it as it looks in our dream board, but we can achieve something closer. But nothing would happen if we don’t act.

If you wish to pass an exam, the right thing to do is to write the exam.

If you wish to become a bestselling Author the right thing to do is to start writing.

If you wish to become that, do the things.

Just as we have the ability to wish, we also have the ability to see requirements needed for our wishes to come true, but only if we look.

No one has become anything by just wishing. Also, no one can become anything without wishing. This means the magic lies in action.

Do wishes always come true? No. But you can always have similar to what you wished for which sometimes is better than what you wished for, all depending on what you wish for.

I wish to be myself, and many more other things…


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