Goals, it’s all About What It will Make Of You

Self Improvement

I have never written a goal in my life until a year ago, since when I became conscious about life all I do is make a conscious resolution at every beginning of the year, which I always break one or two weeks into the New Year.

Before a year ago, I read a book that talked so much about goals, how important it’s and all that, so I wrote one. Six months ago I crossed check my list and within  a few months I found out that out of list of five goals I wrote down I have  accomplished two. But the truth is I was happy with my accomplishment, I was happy one of the reason is because I was able to measure my success. So this year I decided to write an extensive list of goals.

When I finished writing and was going through my list, a sort of question popped into my head, like  what if I achieved everything written down here what will it make of me, or what if I achieve half of what is written down here what will it make of me.

The truth is when you set a goal to achieve something, and finally achieve that thing, the break through is not in the things you achieved, where the break through really is, is in what the process of achieving or attempting to achieve that thing had made of you. You may set a goal to make a millions dollar, when you accomplish or attempt that it will be course great, you can buy yourself some good stuffs. But the goodness is actually in what the process of making a millions dollar has made of you.

What the process has made of you is more valuable than the goal itself. I have a goal this year to write two books, the thing for me is what sort of writer will writing two books make of me.

If you take a process to make a millions dollar, if that money is taken away from you, you can probably repeat the process you took in the first place to make another a million dollar or even more millions. If I should attempt my goal of writing two books or achieve it, even if the two books are thrown away, by what the process has made of me I can’t still write another book and another and another. The gem is in what the process has made me not really the goal I have accomplished.

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This can be an ideal for syou; settings goals can improve your life.  Set a goal on what you want for yourself and think of what everything you are going to learn, do, and engage in while chasing the goal will make of you. Focus on what you will become by achieving your goals. Then work on the goals and have a practical experience of the improvement that will occur in your life.

Just know that, the effect that working on our goals has on us, is far much better than the accomplishment of your goals.


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