What No One Told Me About Blogging

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For a very long time now I have been reading about blogging, most of those reading have actually motivated me to be much interest in it. A few years ago I paid someone to teach me coding (a course which I didn’t complete) because I read somewhere that if I know how to code a website I will be more opportune in the, will I call it blogging industry. But that was a BS.

What really attracted my interest is how these HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BLOGGING writers put it. They made it look so easy, like the only thing stopping you from not becoming a MILLIONAIRE is because you are not blogging. They will copy write your mind into believing on what they have to say. They are not to be blamed anyway they are just trying to sell their stuff. But notwithstanding I believe blogging is a great piece of the deal to deal with now, blogging coupled with digital marketing, not because of the blogger you will become, but the skills you will learn which will help you sell yourself or anything you are selling or will be selling.

Because we are now in an era where selling is a proponent part of every human activity, we now have access to every individual in the world through the help of internet. That widens the opportunities and makes blogging kind necessary, like something everyone should engage in.

Blogging is no more a skill made for bloggers, it’s now a skill that can be useful to anyone regardless of what he or she does or is doing, a lawyer, a singer, a business owner or whoever can effectively make use of the skill of blogging.

But here are things nobody told me about blogging.

#That it won’t be easy.

Probably if they have told me that it will be difficult, that I have to learn many rules before I can start getting it right I might really not have given interest in it. Blogging or becoming a blogger is not as easy as they write about. But the truth is its possible, just as nothing is impossible or just as anything can be made possible by believing it’s possible. Becoming a blogger involves commitment you need to be committed to the course that is actually how anyone can rise to the top of any course, by always showing up.

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I was hoping by now I will be popularly known, like Linda Ikeji or Copyblogger or like any of the popular guys out there. This is just how the post and eBooks I read sound it. They didn’t tell me that those guys have been blogging for years before the world get to know them.

#That I have to put in years

Every game has rules, for you to beat the game master you have to learn the rules, and then master the rules. Learning the rules in blogging is not something that can be done in one day or two months. Especially when you don’t have a mentor who is closely directing and guiding you, no one told me that I have to take time to learn the rules of blogging. If they have told me I would have been more prepared mentally and physically. But I came in believing that blogging will save my financial stress and I was disappointed.

Not disappointed in blogging but in myself for ignoring the rules and still demanding much. It wasn’t actually my fault, it wasn’t nobody fault. Am now learning the rules now I have decided to share everything I have learnt and will be learning so stay tuned.

#That I Need money

Although, they try to tell me about an alternative, like freelancing (blogging for people) or using a free hosting package, social media profiles etc. But nobody told me that they are not the best and effective options, that the best and effective options will cost me money. Having my own blog, Self-hosting, SEO optimization, promotions etc.

There many more other important things they didn’t tell me or maybe they told me I didn’t listen or pay attention.

But the only truth they told me and I had it so loud is that I will become a MILLIONAIRE blogging. I still believe that.

These are my experience; they might not really be the same for you.

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It may not really be difficult for you as it was for me, with the help of a mentor you may not really have to put in years, you may not have to put in all your money. But just remember I told you about them.

I will be share tips on blogging, what I have learnt and what I will be learning stay tune.

Let’s move to the top together.


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