3 Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing and (Blogging) Skills

Blogging Digital Marketing

There is this idea that Blogging is dead. This statement is likely of the belief that almost anyone can run a blog now. Blogging tools, services and information like the internet, the WWW. and many other tools are now accessible almost for free, it’s quite easier for anyone to become a blogger or own a blog these days.

Many people are unconsciously practising Digital Marketing, by exploring one or two components like Social media based on the basic knowledge they have about it. They use this knowledge to market their product and service online.

All these actually is not in any way bringing an end to Blogging or making Blogging and Digital Marketing worthless, rather it’s giving it more meaning, more usefulness and creating more opportunities. It’s not making it easier either, because the more people get involved in anything the more that thing will become difficult to deal with. Because there will be everyone who is doing what everyone is doing and everyone who wants to get to the top where everyone wants to be.

But despite the competitive environment that has been created by the easy access to Digital Marketing and blogging tools, the difficulties and the possibilities, I believe Digital Marketing blended with Blogging which is one major component of Digital Marketing can serve everyone regardless of what that person calling is.

And one good thing about this whole thing is that the skill(s) can be learned by anyone.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing and Blogging skills in this computer age.

Employment opportunities

Almost every community in the world now has access to the internet. A research by the International Telecommunication Union as of 2015 estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of that year. Estimation as of June 2017 state that 51% of the world’s population has internet access.

What does this mean? of the many ideas, you can get from these estimations, one of them is that in the nearest future, almost everyone if not all will have access to the internet. The benefits of Digital Marketing and Blogging skills are not actually in the rapid spread of internet access, but the opportunity the spreads is providing to Organizations.

With the help of the internet, it’s now easy for organizations to have access to more people, what would have been difficult if they are operating only offline. Organizations are now using the opportunity the internet provides to reach more people and make more profit.

The challenges imposed to them now is how they can effectively reach their customers and prospective customers who are scattered all over the world, that is where a job opportunity comes in for an individual who knows how to use the various digital marketing tools to reach different people in different locations. The skill doesn’t require any kind of special education or degree; it’s all about knowing the right tools, the platforms and strategies that can be used to reach people at their different locations in the world.

Reaching people effectively on the internet is an asset, this is the reason organizations that know the value can pay handsomely for anyone who can produce a good result. And that creates opportunities for Digital Marketers.

Personal Business Promotion

Digital Marketing and Blogging is not only beneficial for organizations, small businesses can also make use of the opportunities the widespread of the internet has created. As a small business owner or a startup, knowing the right tools, platform and strategies to reach your market will be a great added advantage to the growth of your business.

By that, you will cut off expenses of hiring someone to manage your online presence. And by having a full understanding of your own business you can develop the best strategy for your online presence.

Personal Branding

This for me is the most important reason why everyone needs to learn Digital Marketing and Blogging skills. Here is where it can serve anyone regardless.

Personal branding is all about promoting yourself, letting the world know what you do or can do. It’s like a person letting people know that he is a doctor, and in case they need a doctor service he can provide some.

The internet has made it easier for us to reach more people and at the same time has enabled an easy way of doing business. This is one opportunity everyone can utilize to reach more people with their products and services.

Whatever it’s you do, writing, acting, singing, footballer, lawyer, doctor, designer, stylist, dancer or whatever, there are people outside your environment or community who might need your services or product, you can promote yourself to this people and to the world entirely with the help of Digital Marketing and Blogging skills. All that is required is to learn the tools, platforms and strategies that can serve your purpose.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing and blogging skills are one important skill that should be added to the list of the skills or abilities of anyone.

What other opportunities do you think learning digital marketing and blogging skills will create for an individual? leave a comment below.


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