Here Is How Digital Marketing and Blogging Complement Each Other.

Blogging Digital Marketing

Initially, I only knew about blog and blogging. A blog I was made to understand was just a web-page in the net that has a different form of layout, from a website, while Blogging is all about the process of updating and running a blog.

But when I got involved in the process I started hearing about Digital Marketing and how essential it’s to blog and blogging.

Blogging can be seen as a component to Digital Marketing which has other components such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing etc, to some people blogging is just a different thing on its own which makes the use of most Digital Marketing tools. But the truth is you can’t fully discuss digital Marketing without talking about blogging, just as you can’t deal with blogging without dealing with any of the digital Marketing components.

Let’s take a brief look at the origin of blogging and Digital Marketing,


A blog was initially used as a diary on the net, where someone can update about his or her day to day activities.

Because of search engine method of ranking higher frequently updated weblog in search results, and also the number of visitors blogs where getting, entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in it to use it as an inbound marketing. By frequently posting useful information and getting ranked highly in search engine, they attract web visitor which they can pitch a product and service later on.

From this idea blog and blogging took a new leap, now it’s not all about a company selling products and services or a person posting about his or her day to day activities. We now have different sorts of blogs with different sorts of topics and with different sorts of motives.

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On the other hand,

Digital Marketing

The growth and expansion of internet gave more opportunities to reach a larger audience. This also brought to light for entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their market, to get their products and services to where their customers are even beyond boundaries. That is when Digital Marketing (marketing activities that are done online) came in, the right tools, strategies and platform that can be used to reach a larger audience.

Just like traditional marketing (marketing done offline) uses tools, strategy and platforms like salesmen, personal selling and billboards etc to reach out to their customers and potential customers, digital Marketing also uses components like blogging, Social Media Marketing,  Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email marketing etc to reach and get to their market.

How do they relate?

They both complement each other

Bogging provides a platform where digital Marketing activities can be effectively implemented, like content marketing. With the presence of blog, content can be created, most content contains information about a product or services which can be made available to the right audience using Digital Marketing tools.

Also blogging create a platform in form of offices online where Digital Marketing intentions can be actualized, like the closing of sales and deals and many other things.

Digital Marketing on the other hands helps the activities of the blog to be known to its intended audience. Since there are lots of documents in the web, blog content might not get to its intended audience by just sitting on the webpage (blog), digital marketing can be used to get blog information to its audience through various digital Marketing platforms and by digital Marketing tools and strategies.

They relate in the sense that they complement each other and are important to each other.

Here is a wise saying by King Solomon; wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting get understanding. How does it relate to the topic? Seriously, no way…

But Blogging or Digital Marketing can be your principal thing, but in learning your principal thing, learn the other one.


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