We All Have a Story to Tell, Write About It.

Writing & Publishing

Am in to encourage a generation of writers.

The truth is writing saved my life. For the past 26 years this is the first time I feel like I’m doing something meaningful. Maybe it’s because it’s something I thought I won’t be able to do, to write.

Before now I always ask myself this question; you want to become a writer, what are you going to write about? Then the answers are always I don’t know. But everything changes when I got the idea that my passed life is a great book that has not been written, so yours.

I now have pretty much many things to write about, to talk about, one of which includes my pasted life. I have lived a reasonable number of years in this world with fascinating life experience which I believe is worth sharing (you too). My goal is to write about them in a way that it will convey lessons and ideas to any mind who reads it.

What to write about is always a big challenge to anyone who is starting off or wishes to become a writer, I know about that because it was like that for me too. In the mist of hundreds of topics to write about, in the mist of hundreds of issues to voice opinion to, in the mist of thousands of title to write about, the easiest place to start with is your own story, your own pass experience.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about or worry about of in our story or our pass experiences. First see the pass as something we cannot change but something we can always learn from then share it to the world, your success can encourage someone to live better; your mistakes can guild someone to act better.

Your story is worth telling because you don’t know whose life it might save or change.

I wish my dad had written a book or had a journal that would have been a priceless gem for me now, because wisdom and knowledge would have been the wordings of the phrases and sentences. Now am left with asking him questions of things am curious about, most of which he is unable to provide me with answers.

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Don’t live pass this life without an evidence that you where here. Write your story; your generation might need it. Your story if written might live forever, just like some old stories are still living till today.


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