What it Takes to Get From Point A to B

Self Improvement

At age #11 I wanted to become a pilot, at age 15 I wanted to become a business man, at age 21 I wanted to become a powerful marketer. Now that am twenty six I want to be many things, I want to be writer, an author, a life coach, an entrepreneur, an investor, a digital marketing expert, a gambler, a model and many more.

I know it’s same for many, you have dreamed and wished to be something, Most of which has changed during the cause of the life you have lived. Maybe because it’s not really what you are supposed to be, it’s the same for everyone. Maybe it’s destiny leading us, navigating us through different path of life, for us to get the sense of being and wanting to be.

Or maybe because we failed to take the rights measures or apply the right principles in chasing our dreams, goals and wishes.

In case you still dream dreams, in case you still wish to become something, in case you have mapped out goals you want to smash like me, you need these three important principles to hack your dreams, your wishes, and your goals. I mean I need these principles or we all need these principles.

You need;


Commitment is determination. It’s easy to say I want to, but what gets work done is doing. It’s easy to sound positive, to get motivated, but what will get us from A to B is acting.

If you want to become anything you just have to show up for that thing, that is just it. That is how we earn salary, earn degree. No matter how tired you are on a Monday morning, you still dress up and go to work and do what the work needs you to do. Why will you do that, why will you go to work when you are tired and don’t feel like going, it’s because you want something, you a have goal, you wish for something, and that is a salary at the end of the month. So is school, you take all those stress, waking early in the morning to attend lectures, doing assignments and all other things for four good years just to get that degree. That is commitment on the highest level.

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The truth is we need this sort of commitment to hack our dreams, our wishes and our goals, commitment to always show up, commitment to act no matter how little. Am hacking my dream of writing, I write everyday that is how am getting better.

What is your own testimony? If you don’t have, you need to create one.


You might want to be like Bill Gates, I mean as wealthy as he is. But you should also know this. He started at 12 (years old) and became a million at 31.

You might really say your case doesn’t have to be the same, sure. But also it doesn’t have to be different.

But the question is what will keep a man on a process for that long without quitting even during difficulties?  Because there is no way all those years will be paved with roses. The answer is “perseverance”.

We all have the tendency of wanting instant success maybe that is why I never became a pilot, a business man, a powerful marketer… I hope I learn my lessons.

We need perseverance to scale through from where we are now to where we are going or want to go. Because if it’s about storms they will surely come, if it’s about awful circumstances they will surely show up but it’s only a persevered mind that can scale through, a mind that has determined to keep on keeping on no matter what. That is the only mind that can get from dreaming, wishing, setting to actualizing.

#Continuous Learning.

Whatever our dreams are, there are principles overseeing it. Those who are ahead of us are those who have mastered those principles.

We live our life based on what we know. Then what we don’t know becomes our limitations. And the only way to know what we don’t know is to learn.

When you have a dream, a wish, a goal what you need to do is learn the principles overseeing your dreams, wishes and goals.

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Our problem is we stop learning after we are done with schooling, we believe all the information we need to live life will find a way to us, which they always do. But that is information needed to live a just life. Information needed to hack life is hiding inside pages in books. Everyone gets the information that is outside, also everybody uses it and everybody compete.

But the once hiding inside pages of book are meant for those who seek, and they are rare, believe me that is the one that can hack your life. Maybe that is why the bible did not say look and you shall find, rather it’s says seek and you shall find. Treasures are always hidden; it’s only those who seek after it that finds it.

Information, knowledge, Wisdom and ideas are treasures, treasures needed to hack your dreams, goals and wish you barely find them in common place you need to seek for them in hidden places, and one of those places is in pages of books.

Our only limitation to our dreams, goals and wishes is what we don’t know. We will hack our dreams, goals and wishes when we continue learning what is possible for us.

Remember everybody wants a good life, but not everyone gets a good life. The only people who get the good life are those who are committed, those who persevere and those who continue learning with or without or after schooling.


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