Two Major Kind of Reasons in Life

Self Improvement

Our reasons play a vital row in our life.

There are reasons why we are where we are and there should be reasons also why we want to be where we want to be.

Here is what I mean, I can simply say the reason why am not where I want to be is because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, or everybody refuses to support me, or the government are not fare with their policy, or am not opportune to go to school or am not lucky or Whatever. The list can go on.

These reasons in normal human perception are reasonable, but the truth is these reasons are really why we are not where we want to be. It simply means capitalizing on them will still not help us move to the top. On the other hand we are the master and architect of our own destiny, the captain of our own ship. Nobody will design our destiny for us; nobody will pilot our ship for us. Nobody owes us a dim.

The other reasons are reason why we want to be where we want to be (move to the top or become successful), these are where my best list of reasons are. It’s always different for all of us, for some people the reasons behind their intention to move to the top is to prove haters wrong, to some it’s to put smile in the faces of the once they love, to some it’s to prove to the world that without formal education that they can still make it to the top, to some it’s to prove that without the government and their policies that they can still move to where they want to go, these and more other reasons, my is the last three.

Whatever it’s for you, you need some of these reasons, because they are what will fire you to take actions everyday to do what has to be done today so to be at the top tomorrow. These reasons will keep you awake while others are sleeping, these reasons will force you to learn the rules of every game you are into.

Lastly, don’t believe in any reason that has brought you to where you are which is not where you want to be, because they are not true it’s a wrong idea, remember no one owes you a dim.

But focus on the reason why you want to be where you want to be, because that is what will help you keep going even when there are reasons to stop going.


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