Two Things You Need to Do to Become A Writer.

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In case you want to know, it will only take two things to become a writer, two simple things, just my opinion though.

I’m marvelled at the rate I write these days. I can easily write about 1,000 words without struggling with writing blocks. This is one thing I never believed could be possible for me. It’s like a miracle. You won’t really understand what I mean until you are that person who knows that he or she can’t spell very well, his or her grammars are bad, his or her structures are always unstructured and he or she doesn’t seem that smart and then you find yourself writing almost 1,000 words every day. If you are that person you will understand what I mean by it being a miracle. But it’s not a miracle it’s a process.

What then happened?

Nothing really dramatic happened, I read an eBook sometime ago and the eBook was about writing, after reading it, I took the advice of the Author of the eBook. One which was…

Say the three magic words I’M A WRITER

Just claim the title WRITER, that is one of the two things you need to do to become a Writer. That is what I did; now I have written according to my blog post count 113 blog posts this making it 114, which is gaining hundreds of readers and at the same time I’m writing my first book.

When I got the idea to claim the title of a writer if I really wanted to become a writer, I did that. I went to all my social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Quora etc and changed my title to Writer.

Even though I was feeling like Wale Soyinka or the smartest guy in your neighbourhood you can think of, I was also worried about how I’m going to meet up with the expectations as a Writer.

But the truth is, there is something with name especially title. From where I come from, if you are given a title you will always want to act to merit your title. That is why doctors will always act on things that prove he or she is a doctor, likewise lawyer, farmer and whatever. Taking up the title as a writer will force you to do what writers do, and that is the second thing you need to do to become a writer.

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Just write..

You don’t need a degree in mass communication, or masters in writings or PhD in public writing, before you can write. All you need is the ability to read and combine letters into meaningful words, which I believe you already possess from the fact that you are reading this right now.

It’s just as simple as that…

You might think then what are my going to write about? That was exactly the same question I asked myself.

But you should know;

First, no one can claim the final knowledge about anything.

Secondly, whatever you have read and still going to read out there, either as a post, article or book, it will definitely be someone story (past or present life), ideas, opinions, knowledge, imagination or vision. And every sane person has all of these, no matter how awkward and uninterested they may be. Everything you have read on this post is mostly all about stories, stories of my challenges and victory, of how my journey as a Writer began. So you can write your own.

When you stop now and start writing, telling the story of how you came across this post and read and stop to start writing. It becomes a post that might turn out into a book or whatever.

The only way to become a Writer is just to write, it doesn’t matter how many minutes you give to it, or how many word count you produce, or if you published for us to read or not, what matters most is that you write. Because that is what writers do, Writers always write.

Calling yourself a Writer and writing is the only way I know anyone can take to becoming a Writer. It’s what worked for me, and I believe it can work for you.

Have a blessed day Writer.


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