What is Success? Our definition About It Goes a Long Way to Shape Us

Self Improvement

Success is the most sorts after; it is the most wanted commodity, not just here or there but in the whole World. What I’m sure everyone wants is success. It doesn’t really matter what anyone is doing, we all want success.

Wanting and desiring success is a good thing, it shows that we are human; we are actually exhibiting some of the characteristics that make us human, being ambitious.

But when anyone talks about success what comes to peoples mind is financial success. This also makes it impossible for many people to talk about it, in fact I was unsure if I should write about it, but I did anyway. The reason is that people will always want to check if really you are successful before they will listen to what you have to say about success and the first place they want to check to determine that is your bank account. We always know know how to determine what peoples bank account look like. That is the mentality we have about success and pretty much most things. That is why we won’t engage in politics because we are not politicians but we can complain about bad government even though we are not complaints. That is why we can pray all night about success, because we believe that we are not successful, because we don’t have all the money.

The common man on the street believes success is all about money, having a fat bank account. I used to believe that too. The thing is financial success is just one component in all aggregate of various kind of success that is available for us.

If we focus on success as having a fat bank account, we will miss out in so many joy of living.

If we judge success as having a fat bank account, then what will be the faith of a monk in monastery who has dedicated his entire life to attaining high state of spirituality? What will be the state of a farmer who has carefully studied the season and the soil, planted at the right time and harvested bountifully? What will be the faith of a writer who has just published is first book? What will be the faith of singer who just released his first track.. the list of successes can go on.

We may really know about all these, but our mindset is always the problem, how we see success. If someone probably wishes you that you will be rich as Dangote, or Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or any of the richest man out there, and I argue about that or counter the wish, that it won’t happen, you will probably see me as a hater or an enemy. But the truth is many of us will likely not be as rich as these men but at the same time we can still be successful, and we can still be happy.

The way we perceive success matters. If we see it as an upward progression to the top, we will find more joy in everyday of our life. Because it’s by then we will be able to appreciate the progress we have been making in little things that will compound to big thing in the future, those little things that the wrong definition of success has shaded off from us.

The unionism of our family, the growth of love, the completion of a task, promotion at the office, the securing of a job, writing of the book or post, starting the company, learning a new skill, making the art, the movie…. These and many more success we record everyday but the perception we have about success won’t let us see them and celebrate them.

I saw a movie some time ago I think the name is “IN TIME” it’s about a world where life and currency are all represented in TIME. If you have enough time you can buy the whole world and you can live forever. In the movie the people who are known to be rich are people who have time worth of centuries, but one thing is that they are not still happy, because they know they might likely not die, they might likely live forever, they just want to be able to die someday. They don’t want to be immortal. And on the other hand the poor in the middle of the street will watch the last minute of his time tick off and he will slump and die.

What does this means? It means human wants is incomplete. It also means time is precious.

How does the movie relates with this post? Honestly, No way… But waking every morning is a success.

Lastly, you have to redefine your success.

Here is my own definition, success is an upward progression in anything, and success is all about MOVING to the top.

See you at the top.


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