Writer: 4 Ways to Finding Your Writing Voice.

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Every writer needs to have a voice, a writing voice. It might probably not be the voice you talk with, but if it will be it might save you lots of stress trying to find and horn one. The thing is that our writing voice determines how our writing will sound when someone reads it.

Since I began my writing journey nine months ago, I have tried to figure out how I sound.  I thought it’s something I can easily choose. But it wasn’t that easy. Maybe I haven’t even found a single voice, maybe I have succeeded in reducing my writing voices to two or three. I think of it this way because I write about different categories when writing in some categories my tones are slightly different. Maybe it’s just the tone that changes, maybe the voice is still unique.

I will probably need your feedback on this.

But here are 4 things that have helped me horn my writing voice.


Yeah, almost everything that is related to improving writing ability has business with reading.

Reading will help you horn your writing voice. When you read stuff as a writer,  you don’t only grab the knowledge in the content but also the voice and tone of the writer will impress on you. The advice I can give you on this, is, read whatever that interest you but choose one or two writers that you admire and always read their stuff.

The idea is not to sound like them, the idea is to use their voice to shape your own voice. You both may not have the same style or genre, but by constantly reading their voice it will somehow shape your own voice especially when you are consciously observing how they sound.

Write as if you are talking to a friend

This is very effective in shaping your writing voice, this might be all you need in shaping or creating a writing voice.

To write as if you are talking to a friend involves picturing your best friend sitting on the other side of the table and you sitting here looking straight to his or her face explaining or telling him or her something you are passionate or enthusiastic about.

This works like magic. The reason to choose a best friend for this practice is to enable you express yourself freely without restrictions. For example, if you select your mum for this practice there are certain things you might not want to say and there are some words you might likely not use. That might limit your creativity because writers are known to be limitless with words. Also, your mum might disagree with you in most cases, she might be very protective. But choosing a best friend, someone whom you are comfortable with will give the freedom to be yourself.

Write consistently

You may probably be thinking like, when I’m ready to write I will just write, or when I learn all the rules I will start writing. You won’t learn everything you need to know outside the action zone. You have to start and continue doing something wrong until you get it right, especially when you don’t know that you are doing it wrong.

I have written almost hundred posts on my blog before I get to know about writing voice, and that was when I started sorting ways to improve it. I still thinking of what to do with my old posts. Writing consistently will create the opportunity to shape your voice.

And with the reading of your favourite writer and writing as if you are talking to a friend you have probably found your voice.

Have a style

The style here I mean, is how you present your writing.

I don’t have a distinct explanation for this than my own experience, recently I changed my style. I can’t actually tell what style I have been writing before. But am sure the way I present my writings are now different from the ones I have written before now. Here is how I now write my informative post,

I start with an introduction where I highlight some important aspect of the topic, then I move to the 5Ws  What, why, where, when, who. I don’t always have to treat all the Ws in some cases but they are the focus key I use In making my point. While sometimes I don’t examine all the Ws like in the case of this post, what I do is after the introduction I simply move down to my list of points.

This style now saves me a lot of time in making decisions on how I should present my writing, It’s now like a template for me. All I need is to come up with the words.

The idea is to find a style of writing that fits your form and genre of writing.

Having your own writing voice makes you unique as a writer.

You don’t have to horn your voice to sound like someone easy, focus on being comfortable. Because that is one thing you need as a writer. You need to be comfortable even when you are saying something everybody disagrees with.

which of the tips will you start with to horn your writing voice? I will love to hear from you in the comments section.


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