5 Ways To Fight Writing Blocks

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As a writer, writing Blocks will be one of your greatest enemies. I used the word “FIGHT” because I don’t know if anyone can overcome it. It seems like we just have to keep fighting it.

I wish scientists can manufacture something like “anti writing block gloves” a kind of gloves that you will put on and your fingers will start producing the words, or “anti writing block cap” the one for the head, which will generate ideas from unknown sources. Am sure every writer will love to have one if it’s produced.

Writing block is a universal problem, some writer will actually say that they don’t experience it. Well, probably they have to an extent mastered some certain ways of fight it.

For me, two or three out of the list below helps me to fight writing blocks.


You probably know that reading will come on the list, yeah it did.

Everything about fighting writing Blocks is about having ideas of what to write about. When there’s no idea in our head, then that is writing blocks. And one place to get ideas is in books, post or whatever thing that is readable.

I read something about being a writer that makes me happy and more at ease, it says “as a writer, it’s ok for you to be a thief” it’s ok for you to steal someone title, ideas, opinions etc. Meanwhile, you will probably be stealing from someone who stole from someone, who stole from someone sometime ago… Stealing is good, only if you are a writer.

Read to steal ideas to write.

Think on paper

Average adults think 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.

That is a whole lot of thoughts. Although, what is important is what we think about always.

There’s no way you will think 50,000 thoughts day without thinking out ideas, you think out ideas all the time but they are nowhere to be found. Those great ideas despair once the next thought comes in.

But if you can put them down somewhere, it becomes something you can go back to especially when writing block struck.

And meanwhile, you can’t trust your brain with most important ideas you come across every day.

Talk to people

I really don’t do this, because I suck at raising conversations.

But this might be your best strategy to defeat writing blocks.

The best way to maximize this approach is to make it objective. Most people you see on the street has insight about lots of things which you don’t even have an idea of.

A few minutes conversation can turn to a post, a post which can turn into a chapter, a chapter which can turn into a book. You already know what I mean, you don’t need anyone to give you all the details, in most cases all you need is an insight then you can imagine how the inside will look like.

Watch movies

Movies are great ideas source. Just like books, in every scene and plot, there is always something worthy of writing.

But many time it’s not going to be all about stealing ideas or whatever, sometimes it’s going to be about reminding us about an experienced we have had that lead to something, which leads to something that is worthy of writing about. It can be a long chain of event.

The whole idea is to give your attention to something that will make you think and rethink.

Listen to something

This might be different for everyone.

For me, it’s podcast, instructive audios, motivational audios. For many, it will be music.

Our mind is the source of whatever we are going to write, the goal is to keep it active. As a writer, if you allow your mind to go cold, it will be difficult to get warmed up during writing period, and then writing blocks wins.

Writing Blocks is our enemy and we must fight it. See how these 5 tips can help you fight this enemy of writers.

Do you have other ways of fighting writing Blocks? please share in the comments section.


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