Thought Pill: Kindness Over Religion.

Thought Pill

By estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world. These numbers represent groups of people who believe in a certain system, doctrine, creed and a way of life.

But in all this groups kindness has no different teaching, kindness is universal. Except for religion.

Religion has created lots of demarcations between the world, but kindness is the remedy.

Kindness is a universal language, every religion understands it, the blind sees it, the deaf hears it.

We are quick to forget the fact that we inherited our religion, which was created some time ago by someone or by a group of people.

If we can radiate kindness from our religion to other religions, if we can live and talk about kindness the way we live and talk about religion, the world will be a one peaceful and better place.

The best way to prove your religion is the ideal is to let your life speak a universal language “kindness”. Because people learn more from observations then listening.


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