Thought Pill: Essence of Giving

Thought Pill

Why do we give aims, offering, tithing, supporting a course that is worthy, and what some people call sowing of seeds?

Many of us do all this with the wrong mindset, giving is not for the purpose of getting back more in abundant what you give, like giving 100 and expecting to land 1,000,000. That is more like gambling, it doesn’t matter where it’s done you are likely the same with the dude in a casino trying his luck with few coins.

Giving should be for the purpose of gratitude, or supporting a course bigger than you.

It’s should not be a trade and barter with God, almighty, the universe or whatever name you identify with.

Solomon did not build the temple so that he will obtain wisdom, he built it to probably fulfil promises and show appreciation for the gift of wisdom.

What people call seed sowing in some religious houses are like a scam, the thing is, it’s either you are supporting a worthy course or you are giving your money in the wrong course.

The place to sow seeds that will grow and be fruitful is either in the soil or in your mind. Develop your mind, buy books, buy instructive tapes, sign up for courses, seminars, sign up for skills acquisition. By sowing good seeds in the mind, you might likely have an abundance of those seeds. The mind is a special gift given to us by God, almighty, the universe or whatever name you identify with, and that is what creates our reality, not seeds sown in a house or wherever.

Develop the right mindset, the rewards of giving are happiness, joy, gratefulness and high self-esteem, not the other way round.


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