Thought Pill: Action Over Motivation.

Thought Pill

Am going to make it, I will get there, I will be successful.  It seems everyone is motivated these days.

We are all motivated, but It’s not enough to be motivated, it’s not enough to believe that something wonderful will happen to us tomorrow. We need to work out our own miracle, we need to play our part in becoming what we want for our self and let the universe do its part.

Faith without action is a died end.

Whatever we want, whatever hight we wish to attain, there is always a track to them and there are always rules to the game we are playing or we wish to play. We need to learn the rules, we need to travel through the track.

There’s only one way to the top, one way to learning the rules, action.

Motivation gets you started, actions take you there.

I want to ask you, or rather I want to ask myself, what action does my 5, 10 years future dream life requires of me today?

This can be a life-changing question YOU might consider asking yourself.


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