Thought Pill: Focusing on Growth

Thought Pill

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you can achieve those big goals on the list, those big goals that will look amazing if it’s smashed.

But then, when you look around you all you will find instead of ways to smash the goals are the reasons why it can’t be done. Then we lose hope.

But, what if we focus on growth? What if we focus on 1% improvement every day, what if we focus on consciously getting better every day in anything we are doing.

1% improvement every day in anything we are doing is = 365% improvement every year, x 5years =1,825% improvement. 1,825% improvement in anything will put anyone among the 10% best in that thing.

To write a book a day might be impossible, but to write 300 words a day is achievable.

To become an expert in a day in anything might be difficult but to learn little thing about anything every day is achievable.

It’s all about redefining our philosophy about goals, about success. Defining goal to be what we want to be, rather than where we want to be. Focusing on what we will become in accomplishing our goals rather than what we will accomplish.

Focusing on growth will be far more productive than focusing on the big goals.


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