Things You Need to Know About Content Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Talking about marketing, the internet has given it different kinds of approach. Marketing of goods, services and brand awareness are no more fully dependent on traditional ways of marketing. The internet has created new ways and new opportunities for marketing activities.

These new ways have also created new terms and forms in marketing activities. If you’re interested in digital marketing (marketing done online) you will frequently hear about terms like content marketing, inbound marketing, strategies etc. In this post, we look at content marketing, what is all about and what it tends to achieve for a company or an individual while hoping to discuss other terms in subsequent posts.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a form of marketing that involves creating content like a post, infographic, video etc publishing and distributing such content to an audience. It’s a form of marketing that is used to attract attention, increase brand awareness including products and services, expand fan base and generate leads for the purpose of making sales.

Online content marketing can be traced to the time when the internet made it possible to keep personal journal in the form of blog post, and also made it possible to reach more people all over the world. Companies and individuals saw an opportunity in this possibility and utilized it through the form of marketing called content marketing.

Why Content Marketing?

The core purpose of content marketing is to attract prospects through valuable, meaningful and useful contents and then transform those prospects into customers or fan. This can be in different ways, for example, if a company or an individual is selling a certain beauty products, they can develop a content marketing strategy where they create useful content with information, tips and ideas about beauty in form of post, infographic, video etc., which they publish in their platforms and also distribute to other channels available. Prospects can come through links to the company or individual platform (inbound marketing) or bump into the content on the platform and absorb the information, ideas or whatever. By that those prospects began to build trust and confidence on the source of the content, on the other hand, the source began to gain credibility, this is when the company or the individual gets to pitch the prospects about their or his/her beauty products, thereby converting them in customers, in some cases the prospects are the ones to request for the products because the company or the individual has shared so much value and has convinced the prospects through contents that they can deliver on any task regards to the topic discussed (beauty)

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Sometimes the strategy might be different, unlike where the product is already created, it may involve showing competent by sharing valuable and useful content in a subject or field, thereby attracting prospects, which can be converted to customers by creating products or services to suits their needs.

It’s more like gaining consent from prospects before selling to them, like permission marketing which marketing Guru Seth Godin talked about, “selling goods and services to people who have given you some sort of permission” unlike traditional marketing that tries to convince you to buy, even when you don’t want to not interested.


Platforms for content marketing

Many people see content marketing as just a blog post or any content published on a website. Content Marketing can come in any form, pictures, infographic, videos or text in a post, also any platform online. Any platform online that enables one to create or upload any of the forms of content and that can also be accessed by web visitors (prospects) can always be used to carry out content marketing activities; this includes all forms of social media, video channels and blog.

A successful content marketing is not a onetime game; it goes like a cycle in terms of process. It involves series of content creation, distribution and monitoring. A successful content Marketing has to do with a better plan, a better content strategy. The process involves, gathering information; knowing what the problem is, what are people lacking, what will make them better, where the prospects are, what are they currently doing, what devices they are using, their timing, their behavior etc, creating the content, distributing it and monitoring it, observing and engaging and adjusting where necessary. It’s a never-ending process.

Content marketing is now the ideal way of marketing, especially, company or organizations are adopting it. It will also be great if individuals adopt it too because these days almost everybody is selling something, it will be great to add more value to people, more value than what the product or service you have to offer can provide. Yet still if an individual believes he or she is not selling anything or don’t have anything to sell, it can also be used to for personal branding and moreover it’s a unique way of adding value to the world in general, because the ideas and informative content you create, publish and distribute can save someone’s life somewhere without you knowing it. That is the possibility created by an internet world.


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