3 Important Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Writer.

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Within the last nine months, I have watched myself transcend from someone who thought writing is meant for some people with special kind of ability or skill to someone who believes that anyone can become a writer.

When I look at my post count in my blog admin page (about 135 blog post within nine months) and a book about Writing which I’m currently working on, it’s like, unbelievable to me. Having in mind that I’m dyslexic (having difficulty dealing with words) I’m still in awe of my ability to write. I know I’m not there yet, but one thing that is clear to me is that I’m getting better.

Judging by my experience, I see a lot of people who feel that writers have or are born with a special can kind of gift.

I was chatting with a young girl sometime ago, we were talking about novels, romance novels precisely. She told me she has read many romance novels, I wanted to know so I asked how many in total, but she couldn’t count them, meaning she has really read a lot of it.

Then I suggested to her, why not write a romance novel, since you have read so much about it you must have known a lot about romance. And she gave me that reply which I believe many people out there will give about writing, she told me she is not gifted with writing skills. She even went further to explain to me that there are people who have that ability to write, but she doesn’t, that she feel gifted to talk.

We talked about it deeper, but when she made that comment about not having the ability, it occurred to me, that is the problem, that was me ten months ago, people think they don’t have the ability to write, to become a writer.

I don’t believe that is true, here is what I can tell you about becoming A Writer judging from my own experience.

1. You don’t need a special kind of ability to become a writer.

The truth is, no one was born a writer.

Any writer out there, whether great or not, started by learning the basic writing skills, which is how to read and write. Sure, we might have different brain structure and all that, but the process of becoming a writer is always the same, it all starts with learning how to read and write a language.

Writers are not born, they are made. Writer’s make themself a writer.

Writers have special kind of ability – was the myth I was living with. For many years I have admired writers, when I come in contact with books the first thing I do is to flip through the pages and I will say to myself how will someone come up with thousands of words that make up this book? This person must be a genius. But what I found out is that we all can become genius, a genius writer.

I believe the only special kind of ability anyone needs to become a writer is knowing how to read and write a language, in my own case it was English.

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2. You don’t need to be perfect

Even at that, you don’t need to be perfect in reading and writing your preferred language to become a writer.

Compared to what it means to be good in English language, the rules, grammars, structures, spellings, I know I suck badly. You might have noticed it in this post, even when the post has undergone some series of editing, you can still find some errors.

Many people believe that they have to master their language, like obtain a degree in it or something like that, before they can write. That’s not true, knowing the basic is what you really need to become a writer. You don’t really need all the big grammars, putting your writing as simple as it can be, I believe is preferable.

As bad as you think you are in grammar, spelling, structure and all that, you can still become a writer, get started today.

There are editors and tools that are there to help you out, use them.

3. There are no rules

This was the truth I found out that made the whole process much easier for me.

The idea that you need to follow some certain defined rules can make motivation drop due to how demanding you might be thinking the process will become. But believe me, there are no rules.

The rules are the one you set for yourself, the genre you choose to write on, the form, the style, the platform, your voice, everything is in your court, what a relief.

If you are not a writer yet and you have in the past wished to become one, you can now see that there is no reason for you not to become a writer.

P.S In my subsequent post on writing, I will share with you my writing process and few tools that I use in my writing. Stay tuned.

What Myth have been holding you back from becoming a Writer? Please leave a comment below.


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