6 habits of highly effective people

6 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

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6 habits of highly effective people

No, this is not a review of Stephen Covey book “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” I’m yet to read the book, but it’s on my top list of books to read.

I wanted to title this post “6 Habits of Highly Successful People” but I was concerned because of how people understand success.

Success is very ( I will use the word technical, that is the word I can remember right now) to discuss this is because of the way people perceive it, I always try to avoid writing about it.

But I’m rethinking, if I don’t write or talk about it how are my going to learn more about it? How are my going to stop judging myself wrongly?

When you hear the word success, what comes to your mind first?

Money, right.

Yeah, that is the technicality I was talking about. When you talk about success the first place people look at is your bank account, they observe if it’s reflecting on you positively, If they are not convinced by what they see, they will be like, don’t mind that guy he has nothing to show.

But to measure success correctly, money is just one of the things of life that we can measure success on. There many other things we can measure success on.

For example, on completion of this post, I have just recorded a success, success in one part of my life. And it made me happy, which is very important. Because happiness is one thing everyone is seeking for.

The truth is, we record success every day but we don’t measure it, we don’t celebrate it and we don’t activate that part of our brain that release endorphin that makes us feel better and more confidence to do more.


Because we are looking at the big picture “a million dollar”, another truth is not everyone will make a million dollar and more importantly you don’t need a million dollar to be happy.

How we define success affects and determines our happiness in a great way.

Don’t get me wrong, money is very important. In fact, someone stated it more clearly how important money is, he said ” money is not everything but it’s ranked up there with oxygen” I believe we all need money, for me, I need it to buy myself freedom.

But then, we should not neglect to measure our little daily, weekly, monthly, yearly success.

Here are 6 Habits I try to live by every day as I strive to improve myself, I’m still working on some of them, and they have shown to be effective especially in my writing life.

1. Reading

Reading is one way to learn what we don’t know.

One thing I have found out is that we are all living based on our knowledge about life. I like to blame government, parents, family and so forth, for not living my dream life. The truth is our life is lived based on what we know. We live by what we know, what we don’t know becomes our limitations.

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If we know more about love we will love more, if we know more about writing we will write great posts, books, likewise peace, relationships, finances and so on.

And one easiest way to know is by reading.

People have taken time to write about there experience, what worked and what didn’t work, what they learnt and how they did things. The challenge for us is in developing the habit to read these experiences and knowledge, sort out the best options and apply them where necessary.

We came into this world with a sacrosanct mind, whatever we are going to become in any dealings will largely depend on the knowledge and information we will gather from the people who have gone before us or people who are more knowledgeable than we are.

When I finish reading a good book, I feel wiser – I feel like a vampire, I feel like I have just sucked the wisdom of the writer. If it’s a book about writing, I learn one or two things to improve my writings, If it’s a finance book, I could tell why I’m not yet financially free.

Reading has helped me improve my writing, my knowledge and philosophy about life, I hope it helps me become financially free.

2. Commitment

Nothing is easy.

If it’s easy everybody will be doing it, and everybody will be successful.

But because you understand that it’s not easy, but you keep showing up, that is what will help you make it the top, someday.

One thing is to show up today and another thing is to show up tomorrow.

But just like in a marathon, at the end it’s only those who keep going no matter how slow, reaches the finish line or more appropriately the success line.

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3. Learning

One discovery that can change your life, is to discover that learning is a lifelong process. This discovery is changing my life.

Many people feel learning ends with a degree or PhD or whatever. They consciously stop learning after college. Also, many people feel because they are not opportune to go to college they can’t learn.

The school of life never stops teaching us. Life principles are interpreted in every of our daily interaction and dealings with life, we just need to be consciously ready to observe and learn.

If we try to see what the child playing with an object is trying to teach us, what the tree of the forest is trying to teach us, what that incident is trying to teach us and so forth. If we keep an open mind to learning, we will be amazed by the things we will learn every day.

4. Keep notes of Idea.

Trusting the memory can be risky.

The memory already has a lot of work to do, it needs to recall how we brush our teeth, our plan for the day, our way home, the name of that pretty girl you just meant. Trusting it with important ideas can be risky. So the best thing to is to jot it down.

keeping notes of important idea, thoughts, opinion and information can be very useful. Someday, those ideas, thoughts, opinions, information can be mixed up (idea sex as James Althucher will call it) to form one great idea, which can turn out to become one great company, post, book, solution etc.

Ideas can flash through the conscious mind any time, any day and if they are not captured as fast they pass by, that idea can be lost forever.

Have a note and pen or a note app on your  mobile devices to capture ideas, thoughts and pieces of information as you go through the day

5. Sharing

I like the way my mentor Jim Rohm explained sharing “A glass that is full, can it contain more? Yes, if you pour out from it”

The more you share ideas the more you have more, the more you help people, the more you are helped. I can’t really explain this, may it’s the law of attraction ” likes attract likes” or the law of causation “for every effect there is a cause”

This is another problem, it doesn’t have to be money.

Share your ideas, your opinions, your experience, your knowledge it can help someone out there sort through with life.

6. Respect time

Two things about time.

First, a wasted time is a lost time. A time that is meant for writing, if it’s used to flirt, it’s a lost time.

Secondly, anything in life that has the attribute of growth takes time to grow.

You plant in raining days and reap in the sunny days, you plant today and reap tomorrow. You don’t plant today and reap today.

While we can’t beat nature in its process of operation, we just need to learn how to adopt.

And the way to adopt is to understand the laws that governor our surroundings.

If we want something tomorrow we just have to start working on it today.

What habit(s) has helped you get most out of life? Please share in the comment section. Also, share with your friends, they might love to read this.


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