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6 Reasons Why You Should Pick WordPress To Power Your Website or Blog.

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If you are considering building a website or blog for your business or for your personal use, I have a suggestion for you – try WordPress.

Why will I promote this web tool? Well, it’s not just because I’m using it, but because with my knowledge about website design and development I can say it’s a great web tool.

Initially when I became interested in website designing and development, I started with learning website coding, when the idea of Content Management Systems started spreading i try one other content Management System, even though in some instance in that other Management System I have to embed codes in some cases to make some functions work properly, it was easy and relieving for me because I have basic knowledge about coding web platform, it was easy for me to do the code embedding, it was also relieving for me because I don’t have to do all the sophisticated coding of an entire site. But when I came across WordPress I was amazed by how easy and simple designing a website can be.

I’m not the only one confirming this, recent findings show that WordPress powers 30% of all web content, topping the list of every other web Content Management System out there. Also, many leading companies around the globe trust WordPress to power their online platforms, companies like CNN, Forbes, eBay and more.

There are many things that make WordPress amazing, but these 6 stand out for me.

1. You don’t need to be a coder.

Coding is one reason why most people never thought about building their own site by themselves, they are really not ready to get down with coding and all that kinds of stuff.

This is one issue WordPress in a great way has taken care of, and they did it pretty well. You don’t need to touch or learn any coding to set up website or blog with WordPress. With clicks of buttons and links, you can configure a full standard world-class website or blog.

Isn’t that amazing?

With clicks of buttons and links, you can configure a full standard world-class website or blog. Click To Tweet

2. There Are Hundreds of themes and plugins (App) to Help You Build Your Site.

wordpress plugin

This is one thing that makes it exceptional, other Content Management System has this option also, but WordPress has thousands of developers who handle the dirty job of coding for you. This people already know what you want, so they take their time to develop themes and plugins that can help you achieve your aims.

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Regardless of what your goal is in the online world, online shopping, real estate, news, blogging, educational or whatever, there are thousands of themes and plugins in WordPress directory that can help you build that platform.

Though some of this themes and plugins have premium features which cost few dollars. But, the free tools on WordPress can help you build a fully functional website or blog.

3. Easy installation

Because it’s trusted and recommendable, most hosting companies like WhogohostBluehost and others now attach a click to install button in their Cpanel which makes it’s easier for you to install WordPress after hosting your site with them.

This removes all the technicality that is involved in uploading a website or blog designed Content to the internet

4. Easy to use.

Ability to click on links and menus and probably a few technical skills are what you need to set up a functioning website or blog with WordPress.

wordpress admin

The backend (the Admin end) is interactive and very clear to navigate around.

5. Easy to maintain and manage.

With WordPress, when it comes to updating your website or blog all you need is to click on the update button on the dashboard which is sent to you when new updates are available.

There are also plugins that can help you with security, backup and other sorts of maintenance. Maintenance is one of the reasons why most people outsource their web project to a third party. But with WordPress, you can do most of this things by yourself.

6. It’s free.

The platform itself is free and most tools that are required to set up a well-functioning website or blog are also free.

You get each of the basic tools and features you need to set up your website or blog for free, except in a case where you need a more advanced package from the wordpress.com service (WordPress service that offers free hosting).

In the case of wordpress.org option, the basic cost you have to bear will be your domain name registration and hosting cost. Other costs will depend on the advanced features you need from most of the free themes and plugins you will be using.

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You now see why I endorse WordPress, it can save you a lot of time and more importantly money.

So, why not try it?

If you have any questions about WordPress drop it in the comments, I will be glad to attain to it.

Are you already using WordPress? Share in the comment section what you think about the platform.


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