5 Things You Can Learn From Kids.

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I wish I can be born an again. No, not the one you are thinking o, I mean go back in time to become a child, I feel I can learn many things.

Or maybe I really don’t have to, I should just try to learn few things from kids around me.

When my little niece and nephew do stupid things, being high tempered I always want to hit them, scorn them or get angry with them. I always feel they should know what to do, how to do and when to do things.

But then remembering my little early days, I can vividly remember how stubborn I was. Even though I pretend not to remember, my mum, my siblings have on several occasions spoken about it. To the extent, my sisters do say their stubborn kids look like me, they believe the stubborn once took after me.

So, sometimes when I remember that I was once like them, that I even did worst things, I restrain my action.

But sometimes I can’t help it, I hit, shout and scold them.

But being honest, we are too mean to kids, even as an adult we make mistakes but we always justify our mistakes. Kids don’t get that privilege when they do something wrong, they are just wrong, they don’t have reasons to do things wrong. I know there are reasons for that sort of action, like being mean but that debate will be for some other day.

Today, let’s look at some great things we can learn from kids

1. Curiosity

Kids are so curious, they will ask you some couple of questions when you think they are done, they have another ten more to ask.

My little nephew will start with something like “uncle, sebi God is up?” and I will say yes, and he will ask again “and devil live in the ground?” yes, and he still has one more to ask “how can someone live in the ground?”… And I am like, stop disturbing me.

But that is a serious question. Even me, I really don’t believe in the thought that something like the devil is living below my foot or God living up somewhere. I believe they are everywhere, in our mind, thoughts, actions, when we focus on good or positive we are focusing on God, but we focus on bad or negative things we are doing the things of the devil… my opinion actually.

But, I don’t want to pass my opinion to the kid, at least not now. It might contradict what he already know, I can’t tell how he will handle it especially when I won’t always be around him to explain some other questions that might pop out as he encounters life… So I simply pretend he is disturbing me.

But, looking at his curiosity.

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They are not scared or ashamed to ask questions. And most of the time they get answers.

If we can be as curious as kids, always trying to know more, asking relevant questions. We will find solutions to most of our problems.

I just wish to be more curious about life, as kids.

2. Excitement

They are always excited.

They don’t care what you are doing, they just want to play.

What a way to live life, just play and play.

Adults, including me, are too serious with life. Bills, rents and so many other things to take care of. But believe me, that is not the problem, attitude is.

When we get the money to take care of our needs, we don’t stop search or go have fun, rather we start looking for the money to chase our wants, and you know wants are limitless.

Kids, they don’t think of all those things, somewhere within them they know they will be fine. All they always think of is play and have fun.

But, it’s not about bills or whatever, they will always be there until we pass out. it’s about building excitement in our daily activities.

One research shows that an average kid laughs 300 times day and an adult 5 times.

What a margin.

Sometimes I try to beat that margin by laughing un-occasionally, but I am always conscious, I don’t want to find myself in the nearest psychiatry hospital with my legs and hands bounded with chains just because I was laughing all alone along the street.

3. Forgiveness

I love the way kids preach forgiveness.

Observe any two kids quarrelling, they will be angry, they will say pretty bad stuff to each other, they will even decide not to play with each other. But, that is not true, it’s just for a while. If you try to side anyone, you might end up being the bad person, because it’s just a matter of few minutes they are back as a playmate. What a way to live life.

What can we learn from this incredible virtue of kids?

It’s normal to get angry, why not? We are human. But the danger is letting the anger linger.

The best way to treat offences from someone is to talk it out with the person, or just pretend it never happened, anything more than that is an injury to yourself.

When you are angry with someone who offended you, and probably he or she did not know about the offence, and after the day you keep thinking about the whole thing, which keeps fueling the anger and you start thinking about payback, which keeps prolonging your anger. It’s possible that at that same moment the culprit is somewhere enjoying his or her life in a cool spot in the city. That is like a double loss for you.

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The best way to treat life is to treat it like a child, get angry, say awful things and let it go.

I hope I follow my own advice.

4. Faith

They can be so faithful, no wonder the Bible admonished us to be like them to enter God’s kingdom.

Pick a kid, throw him or her up, watch his or her face, you will observe him or her smiling or laughing. He or she is not even scared of breaking his or her head, hand, leg or teeth. He or she trust Uncle or Aunty, “Uncle or Aunty will catch me” that is their belief.

What if we have that sort of faith in our self, how tremendous it will be for us to believe in our ability to do all things.

Imagine the mountain we will move.

5. Trust

Just tell a kid, when I’m coming back I will buy you a Lamborghini, just watch him run to his or her friends or mum or dad to spread the news. They don’t border analysing if you can or if you really mean it.

They don’t have trust issues.

Adults are too skeptical, we want to see evidence, even with evidence we don’t feel like trusting fully.

Our excuse is always that people have taken advantage of our trust several times, so we don’t want that to happen again.

Trust is one of the things that makes us human. It’s good to evaluate before trusting, I know people try to take advantage once they find one, but holding back in most cases always hinder our progress.

For example in a relationship when you withhold the trust, you hinder the corporation that you would have given to him or her to make things work out fine.

Also, many times our instinct is telling us to do something because we have trust issues, we ignore it and most times those things are capable of changing our life.

If we can’t trust people and we can’t trust ourself, how then are we going to live happily and maximize our potential?

I have to answer that question.

Kids can teach us many things if we pay attention to the way they live life.

I think I will keep, shouting, hitting, scolding my little nieces and nephews, I don’t want them to keep doing things wrong and probably think it’s the right way, but many times I will allow them to be so that I will observe them and learn.

Please kindly share in the comments the lessons you have learnt from kids as a Dad, Mum, Uncle or Aunty.


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