I Was Blind But Now I Can See.

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As a kid, what are those things you thought was true, but wasn’t?

For me, there are countless of them. One for me is, I thought mothers give birth through their a*us … Laughing out loud. I was one of those curious kids in my early years, at about six or seven I remembered asking my mum, from where do babies come out from, from their mummies tummy? and she gave me that reply I took it, I believed it. I was just a kid I didn’t have the mind power to process the reply and also I didn’t have the instinct to doubt my mum. That is one of the great gift kids have, they trust and believe easily. Adults are too skeptical.

Actually, this is one out of many fallacies I can vividly remember as I was writing this post. I don’t know why my mum will conceive the truth, or rather gave it to me indirectly knowing fully well that I will take it directly as she said it. Maybe, she was trying to protect me from something, something I’m not old enough to know.

Growing up and finding the truth for myself was so fun, I laugh when I found out that my mum lied to me, all I could think is that she was actually trying to protect me from something.

That was ok as a kid.

It was fun as a kid, but as an adult growing up with some wrong belief created by families, peers, societies, schools etc finding out that most these beliefs are wrong is not funny. They might have cost me happiness, freedom, money and many other things.

But at the same thing finding out the truth is relieving. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I feel like I’m a free man. I’m blind but now I can see, I can see clearly. Here are what I thought was, that wasn’t.

#Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers and many other inventors, they are all witches and wizards.

I use to think that inventors are wizards. I use to think that the person that invented an aeroplane is a wizard. Not just me, many people still think that way till date. People think these inventors are created by a different kind of God, they are not human, they are an extraordinary human.

But when you ask the inventors, they will say to you they are just like every other human. Are they lying? I don’t think so. I now see they are really just like every other human. They have a brain, thinking mind and imagination just like every other human. But they did something different, they used it differently, they used it constructively, for a purpose. They didn’t waste it thinking about failure, haters and what not.

They dedicated their time studying, finding and finally inventing. Wahoo, How great it’s to see.

#An impression, love people who believe in what you believe.

I was reading another thing in the bible and was living another thing in real life.

The greatest commandment, Love God and love your neighbour as you love yourself. I was thinking anyone who didn’t share my faith are my enemy.

I had to think through it, what if I was born in the northern part of my country I would have been brought up from the other religion I thought is the enemy. What if I was born in one part of Asia continent, what would have been my faith. It’s ok to think that the other religions are the problem, but until we scrutinize our self then we can say they are the problem.

The great commandment I know said to love God and love your neighbour, you may not like me but just love me, love is necessary to make this world a better place. And I have found out that the only way to get alone in a secular community is respect. Respect everyone for the life they are leading, you can tell by your own experience that it’s not easy to lead a life. Discriminating won’t help.

The only thing that will help, is kindness because kindness is a universal language the blind sees it and the deaf hears it. Kindness is the best way to preach to them that your faith is the ideal.

#Some day I will be lucky to win a million dollar.

I like to stake some bets in the casino or more appropriately bet9ja and when I look at my potential wins, I  start imagining how great it will be to spend the money.

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What I didn’t know is that every game is programmed to favour the game master, if it wasn’t they won’t be in business. I never knew that my chance of winning is 1/100. When I win am happy, but just in few days, the games master takes back all the money.

If I should live in this mentality, I will either die broke and regretful, I don’t want that, I want to die happy and regret free. When I’m 80 or 90 I want to sit and look back in life and say what a great life I have lived. This sort of thought guild’s my everyday action.

I don’t wish for luck anymore, I don’t even believe in luck. If anything good or bad happens to me it’s my making either by my thoughts or actions, these days I try to work my own miracle through my thoughts and actions.

So I have two options for gambling, either I treat it as a business by developing a better strategy to outwit the game master or I quit.

It’s a waste of time waiting for luck without doing something reasonable to be lucky.

#If she doesn’t love me, I won’t be happy.

Love is a beautiful thing, I feel I can write a novel about love, but then I’m not great in descriptions so it might not be that romantic.

Love is two-way communication, if it’s just one way, don’t bother trying. But first, you have to try letting him or her know that you love him or her.

Expectations. Expectations are one of the killer relationship attitudes.

Why is she or he not doing this?

Why didn’t he or she call me?

He or she didn’t ask after me, does he or she even think of me.

He or she is an adult he or she should know what to do… Well, he or she might not know and the best way to find out if he or she really know or capable of doing is to ask, he or she might be a dump who is crazily in love.

Two minds can not make progress unless they agree. A house divided against itself can not stand, this quote is applicable in building a harmonious relationship as it’s in maintaining peace. If there’s no agreement or understanding forget about it, it’s a waste of time.

And the best way to do that is to sit down and talk about it. I wish I knew all this before now, I would have done the right thing. Maybe it’s not too late for me.

But I don’t need to be unhappy about my mistakes, people who had bad relationships are the right people to give relationships advice, not Romeo and Juliet.

If she doesn’t love me I won’t be sad, I will learn from my experience and probably end up being a relationship counsellor.

#Making a million dollar will make me happy.

Happiness is free. If you delay happiness till when you have all the money, you may not find happiness. A million dollar might come with a million problems that can drive out happiness completely from your life.

Happiness is not about posting images on social media with, tags like “I’m happy”, though it can be part of it. But the truth is the only way we can know if you are really happy is when we get to see and interact with you.

Happiness is not all about smiling or laughing. You can laugh when you are sad. Even when you are in your best friend funeral one funny picture from social media can make you smile or laugh out loud… Tips, don’t open social media when you are at a funeral.

Happiness is an emotional feeling. It comes with the sense of gratitude. So the best way to be happy is to be grateful for what you have.

#Some people owe me an apology.

I have had issues with people. In most cases, I feel these persons owe me an apology and probably some gratuity.

In some cases, I even feel they are the reason I haven’t been doing well in the past. But that was when I was blind. No one owes you an apology, not your girl or boyfriend, or your brother, or your inlaw, not your mother or father. What has happened has happened. And it happened because we are all trying to lead our own life. If the relationship still looks beneficially grab it, if it doesn’t keep lead your own life without strong feelings.

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It’s no one duty to help me if someone is helping me, I just have to be grateful and show gratitude.

#I need to be a pro in English to become a writer.

I always wanted to be a writer, but I never saw the possibility, because I know I suck in English. Then I was blind to think that I have to be a pro in English to become a writer, but now that I can see, I now knew that I don’t have to be a pro to start writing.

When I knew that, I started writing. I have written more than hundred blog post in my blog chuksemmablog.com with hundreds of monthly reader and currently working on two of my books.

I’m also encouraging people to become a writer because many might be blind to what it takes to become a writer just as I was some time ago, I want them to see, its possible for anyone.

I thought I needed to be perfect to start anything.

Perfection is the enemy of progress, it kills creativity and potential. Don’t let perfection kill yours, your creativity and potential.

I use to think I have to master English before I can start writing. I have to be perfect before I can start advising people. I have to be successful before I can start telling my stories. Perfection is one enemy on our life and we need to fight it.

You can’t see the endpoint from the starting point of the race, at least not as clear as being there. And how do you get there? You get there by starting off from the starting point.

When Mark Zuckerberg started, he didn’t know that Facebook will be the largest social media platform, or rather he didn’t have the skills to make it the largest social media on earth. What he has was the skill to create a platform where students on campus can relate and do their assignments, something like that.

What happened, how did he get here? He learned in the process.

You don’t have to be perfect to start anything, it might take time to get from the starting point to the finishing point if there is any in what you are chasing. But what I’m sure is, you will get better in the process.

Imagine me writing 2000+ words in a sitting, you won’t understand unless you are a writer, it’s something I felt I can’t do 9 months ago, but I’m doing it today because I started 9 months ago writing.

#I need to have plenty of money before I become charitable.

I thought money is the only way to help people. But that is not true when you give someone money, he or she will be expecting you to give more money. When you stop giving, you become a bad person. I know in some cases money is the only help people need, but that is in some cases not in all cases. And that is for those who have the money.

What if you don’t have money to give? What can you give?  you can give ideas, assistant, support, advice, opinion, encouragement, etc. For many people, this is what they really need.

For me I think I need more ideas than money because with good ideas I can get the money I need, the money I need to buy myself freedom, freedom to live on my own terms, not on a boss, boss, boss terms. Not on anybody’s terms but my own design terms.

Ideas are the currency of the 21 century.

That is all for now.

I hope what I really found was the truth, I hope it’s not another blindfolding about life. but in case I didn’t make it to the top, and you find me in the street begging please help me give me some money. Also, in case am wrong about anything or everything please advise me I will need it, that might be the only way you will be charitable to me.

Let the truth you find about life set you free.

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I was blind but now I can see.


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