5 Myths That Prevent People From Becoming A Writer.

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Have you ever thought of becoming a writer? What are the reasons why you have not yet written your first official piece?

Before now, I have always wished to become a writer, when I see a name of someone on a book cover or as an author to a post or an article or whatever piece of writing, I wished It could be me. Though inside of me, I have built a mindset that it won’t be possible, I have built a believe that I don’t have what it takes to become a writer.

Looking back to then, I can point out few things why I thought becoming a writer won’t be possible for me. I have also observed that these are also the reasons why most people feel they can’t become a writer. They are myths that hold most people back from becoming the writer they have wished to become.

Here are some of those myths.

1. Writers have a special kind of gift.

I was discussing with a young lady some time ago, we were talking about novels, she openly told me she loves romance novels and that she has read countless of them. So, I suggested to her “why not write a novel since you have read many of them, by now you should have ideas of what it takes to craft a good novel.” But she gave me that reply which I believe is the excuse most of us will give when it comes to becoming a writer, she said: “I can’t write, I don’t have the gift to write.”

I understand the fact that she must not be a writer, but her reply got me thinking, why do we always think that writers are gifted with a special can of gift that makes them a writer?

But, that is not the truth, if there is really a gift that someone has to possess to become a writer, I believe we all have it. If you can read and organize letters into meaningful words, then I believe you can become a writer. Becoming a writer is like a skill, and to learn any skills, you just need to pick it up and improve on it. For writing, you just have to start writing.

2. Writers need to be an expert on something.

Most of us are like, I’m not an expert on this what are my going to talk about in it, I’m not the top guy in this field what are my going to say when the top guys are not saying anything, who is going to listen to me? Some are like people are already writing about it my opinion won’t matter.

Not true…

We all have something to bring to the table.

We don’t really need to be an expert to share our opinion on issues.

What we should know is that we all have a unique upbringing, a unique experience and many other unique potentials that can not be found in anyone, these are why we are unique, no-one on earth can see things the way we will see them. Our opinion on anything matters no matter how out of the box it may be.

Our opinion on anything matters no matter how out of the box it may be. Click To Tweet

Why do you think in meetings everyone is given an opportunity to say something?

Because our unique experience has equipped us with a view on an issue, which no one can see. So, we don’t need to be an expert to become a writer or write about a topic.

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3. Writers need to use big grammars.

Grammars in English or whatever language.

Most of us see writers as people who must be grammatically endowed, people who know how to speak and use big grammars to express themselves.

That is a big myth. Despite that there are people who love to flex their muscles in grammars, that doesn’t make it a must for every writer.

Writing in a simpler grammar is even more ideal than using heavy grammars.

Writing is about communications, and an effective communication requires that your decoder (the people who are going to read your writings) understands the message you are trying to pass across. If your readers have to consult a dictionary everytime they read your writings they will soon get tired of reading them. But, when they can easily understand you, it makes the communication effective and saves them some stress.

Grammars don’t make a good writer, the message in the content does.

Grammars don't make a good writer, the message in the content does. Click To Tweet

4. Writers need to be perfect.

The idea that we have to always get it right is one of the myths that is holding us back not just in writing -also in most other things.

The good news is, getting it wrong is part of the process. I mean that is how we learned how to walk, talk and do many other things in life, by doing it wrong until someday we got it right

If we apply that mentality to writing it will also work as well, no writer writes a perfect piece every time, talkless of when starting off. Even me, I am kind of shy to read some of my post I wrote a year ago. It’s possible I will also be shy to read this post next year, whatever it turns out to be the most important thing is that I have written them.

The secret is to keep getting it wrong until some days you get it right.

Perfection is an enemy to a writer.

5. Writers are smart people.

Don’t ever think you are not smart. We are all smart.

Smartness will always depend on how it’s measured.

For example, there are lots of smart things you can do with tools in your environment and your knowledge about your environment. We are likely going to perform well if we are judged in our comfort Zone.

And there are also things we can write about in our environment.


The truth is everyone can become a writer, one of the reasons I’m certain about this is that I have seen myself gone from believing that I can’t become a writer to actually become one. I know I am not there yet, but every day in the process of writing I learn new things, sometimes I write posts that suck, sometimes I write better once. But, if have allowed those myths to hold me back I won’t have been here.

These myths are barricades that are preventing you and me from becoming the writer we can become, the good thing is that we can easily jump over them and start our journey as a writer

So, now you know that all these myths are BS, what are you going to do? Write I guess.


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