3 idiots

5 Valuable Lessons To Learn From The Movie “3 Idiots”

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3 idiots
Farhan, Rancho and Raju

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -Anonymous

One way to deal with life is to keep trying things until we find the things that will work for us, the ones that will bring us fulfilment.

Yeah fulfilment, that is what everyone wants, not just money. We chase money so to buy experiences or possession which we hope will bring us fulfillment. But the thing is, some experiences that will bring us fulfilment cannot be bought with money, they are the free gift from nature, like family, relationships, sighting, hearing, feeling… name them, those things we have access to that we don’t pay for.

It’s certain that to find things that will bring us fulfilment we need to keep trying things. And music, books, posts, movies and our daily interactions with the world are where you and I can learn and find the ideas we need to try new things that might bring us the fulfilment we seek for.

I have seen the movie “3 Idiots” years ago, around 2013, actually, the movie was initially released on 23 December 2009. I re-watched it in 2015 when I was in school and recently I re-watched it again. It seems like this last time was when I got the message, I was amazed by the lessons I got from it or more accurately lessons the movie is trying to pass across.

Here are some of the lessons I got from the movie:

Don’t be afraid to challenge any convention that is not empowering you.

Most of our parents want us to follow their footsteps or live by their rules and beliefs. But trust me, most (if not all) of them did not follow the footsteps or rules or beliefs of their own father. My dad didn’t follow the footsteps of his father. According to my dad, my grandfather was a pagan (I didn’t get to meet him, he died years before I was born). If he had followed the footsteps or rules or beliefs of his father, maybe right now I would have been somewhere shouting “long live Amadioha” :).

Our parents deserve some respect and attention, that is for sure. But once we are 18, we need to find a way to let them know that we deserve to find our own calling, our passion, we need to follow our instincts. We need to find a way to let them know that they themselves learnt every experience they have lived, we are also entitled to learn and live our own life.

Their duty is to teach and guild us to an extent and our own duty is to find, explore and live our life.

Study to accomplish not to affluent

I applied for Business Administration back in 2013, but I was offered Marketing. I didn’t question it, as a matter of fact, I was very happy. I have had stories of people who have tried for years to get in but didn’t go through. After dropping out for many years, I was excited to get back to school, and more importantly, I’m going to be called a graduate and I will obtain a diploma…BS

That is just the problem “Diploma or Certificate”, and the lies we have been told “go to school, get a degree and get a job” you and I know that that strategy doesn’t work anyone, everything has changed and thing are still changing.

But, scarcity of job is not only the problem, our mentality also.

Trust me if certificate is removed from the merits list of 4 years in college, most people won’t even near the school gate. Because most of us don’t even have passion for the course we are studying.

So we will just cram, write, pass the exam and forget everything after two days (if not one hour) after the exams, we forget everything that is important, everything we need in the real world, why? because the system didn’t make it look important. By that reason, we forget everything we need to create our own life after school life.

The problem is that most of us just want to be known as someone who went to school, instead of to be known as someone who learnt something.

Don’t chase success, chase excellence

There is no particular state in life that can universally describe success, a state of success for you can be a state of failure for someone out there, success is always on the run, the more you chase it the faster it runs.

Unless you are among those (I’m among) who have redefined success and are celebrating every minute because of the little things they are achieving. For me, like completing this post.

The best way to meet up with success is to always try your best to be the best you can be. 1% improvement every day is enough.

Friends are men greatest bosom

Good friends are like a pillar that will support you when the bricks of your life have all falling apart. If you find one, you have obtained favour from God. Click To Tweet

They support you, not with money or praises.

I’m kind of feeling like a scam right now by talking about the quality of a good friend. I know I have not been acting like one to some of my friends. But the most important thing is that they are still my best friends, they still hold their spot in my heart.

Good friends are like a pillar that will support you when the bricks of your life have all falling apart. If you find one, you have obtained favour from God.

Fear is one of man greatest obstacles.

Fear, the jailer of destiny, he who overcomes it is a free man.

Right now, I’m scared of how people will react to this post, what if they criticize it or what if they don’t like it. Always “what if” Do you know how many people this sort of thought has hindered from sharing their opinions?

If we can overcome that part of our brain that keeps searching for reasons why things won’t work, we might create something meaningful with our lives. Seth Godin calls that part of the brain “the lizard” it’s always good at seeing why it can’t work, even when everything is showing that it will work.

Rancho said to the other 2 idiots, do you know why I’m doing well with my studies? do you know why I’m topping the class? The 2 idiots said no. He told them because I’m doing what I love, I’m following my passion.

He said to one of the idiots, photography is what you love doing, get out of here and go chase your passions, stop wasting your time in the engineering department at Imperial College.

The other idiots said, ok telling me, I love engineering why are my not doing well?

Let me see your hand Rancho (the 3rd idiot) requested from one of the other idiots, five fingers, 6 – 8 rings, one for good luck, one for exam success, probably one to score As… How can you live today when you are scared of tomorrow?

Fear, the jailer of destiny, he who overcomes it is a free man. Click To Tweet

It’s impossible to succeed living in fear, even when what you are doing is what you love.

At the end they listened to Rancho, 1 idiot followed his dreams, the other idiot let go of his fears.

Where they all successful I don’t know, where they happy or fulfilled? Yeah, I think they are. Successful or not successful, the most important thing is that they were happy, because, in the end, happiness and fulfilment are what matters most, not just success.

Follow your passion, do what you love, study to learn, improve 1% every day, make good friends and let go of fears and see where all these things will take you in the next 10 years. 

Please, take a second and share these lessons with your friends.


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