How To Build More Self-Confidence

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And He asked, “uncle do you know I can jump this thing” Should I jump it? Ok, jump let me see. There he goes, he jumped the barricade.

That is a six years old boy believing in his ability to do something and actually doing it, that is a practical sense of self-confidence and how it helps us to accomplish things.

Here is another instance, I was confident that I can write this post, then I wrote it.

Someone might ask, why don’t you have the confidence that you can jump from the last floor of a three storey building and then jump? Well, the thing is, self-confidence respect natural laws, it doesn’t support ignorance either, in fact, ignorance is one of the major reasons for lack of confidence.

In every circumstance in life you face, you will either be confidence or scared. Whichever state out of the two you are when facing any circumstances will determine the outcome of that circumstances.

Although, sometimes been scared or lack of confidence is what we need to save our lives, but it’s certain that most times we need to be confident to face the challenges life throw at us.

The question is how do we build more self-confidence?

By knowing.

Knowledge is the primary key to building confidence.

Here is what I mean, If that little boy did not know about his ability to jump over that little barricade, he will not dare look me in the face and tell me that he can jump it.

Self-confidence builds on our knowledge about things around us and more importantly our knowledge about our self, our ability.

Self-confidence builds on our knowledge about things around us and more importantly our knowledge about our self, our ability. Click To Tweet

If we have the knowledge that for thousands of years that man has recorded history, good things and bad times has happened, and yet people still lived, if we know this we may not have to be scared of the future by thinking that the world is coming to an end, we may actually have confidence that the world is coming to a peaceful state for us all to live in.

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If we know what it takes to run a  business, to make it successful, if we understand that sometimes our idea might not work out, even after trying and invest in it for several years, if we understand that it might take years for our business to build to become profitable, if we understand all this we might be confident to keep putting in the efforts even when the outcome is not clear, we might still have confident to start another business when the first one has failed.

If we have the knowledge about the functionality of our body, the power of our mind, the ability of our brains, the capacity of memory, the flexibility of our muscles, the sensitivity of our sensory organs, if we understand our potentials we might be able to have confidence that we have the ability to overcome any challenges.

Lack of knowledge leads to being fearful, giving people power over us, always saying yes when the response should be No, believing we can’t do something when we haven’t even try, which is the opposite of self-confidence.

To be more confident in our self, we have to know more than we know. To know more than we know, we have to ask the right questions.

To be more confident in our self, we have to know more than we know Click To Tweet

Asking the right questions sometimes requires courage, because sometimes you will come across questions which almost everyone is shying away from, when you are courageous enough to ask those sort of questions, you will definitely get answers which add to your knowledge.

And when you know what it’s and what can be, then that confidence will build, you then become fearless to face today, tomorrow and the day after.

If we keep on learning, one day we might ask our self, what can’t I do? and the answer will be absolutely nothing. But then this quote from wise men before us will guild us. “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything”.

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I hope I take my own advice to learn and be self-confident.


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