The Autonomous Vs The Tribe Blogging Strategy


It seems like the major challenge for bloggers is building an audience. I have been seeing lots of appeal from people on social media especially in Facebook Groups, people who are begging friends to check out their blog. Most of these people must be frustrated, after all the success stories and step by step guild to becoming a millionaire blogging they might have read and they have followed and yet no reasonable results. But on a serious note, what will someone achieve by begging people to visit his or her blog? I know we have to appeal to get people to our online platforms, but I believe it should be appealing not begging. If we choose to beg, how many people are we going to beg into our platform to help us achieve our blogging goals?

These struggles of building audience seem to be the reasons why the question like “Is Blogging Dying” are often asked.

Blogging is not dying. The problem might be that people are still working with unrealistic strategy, the idea they bought a long time ago, especially from get rich quick blogging writers.

Blogging can be fun and enterprising if we approach it with a strategy that is convenient for us and with the right attitude and the right mindset.

When it comes to the strategies blogger uses to make money online these days, there is two major type of strategy that dominates the blogging market.

I’m a fan of one of these strategies. Reasons are because I have tried the other, I was frustrated due to lack of resources and results, and I’m trying one right now which is helping me build something of value to me. As a writer, it’s helping me reach people whom my writing is meant for and as a blogger it’s helping me do something different, it has enabled me to start with little time and resources in an Industry that is crowded with everybody who is doing what everybody is doing, but frustrated because of lack of results.

The two major kind of Blogging strategies are, what I call:

1. The Autonomous Blogging Strategy.
2. The Tribe Blogging Strategy.

The names are not generally or academically validated, they are just names I have chosen to help in identifying each strategy In this article.

Remember I mentioned earlier that I support one of the strategies, it won’t be necessary I point out the strategy I support, for you will identify it in the tone of my explanations below.

Let’s look at them.

The Autonomous Blogging Strategy.

Autonomous here represent a large number of people. In African states like Nigeria and from the east where I come from, there are some prerequisites before a community is given a certain Authority (Autonomous), that Authority allows them to appoint a king to see over their affairs. One of those prerequisites is, they must be substantial in number, this is where this strategy derived its meaning.

The Autonomous Blogging Strategy focuses on building a substantial number of web traffic before earning from your blog.

If you are a blogger or you intend to become one, you might have already read or had about the blogging idea of “build a blog, drive traffic( web visitors) and place AdSense to make money.” Yeah, that is how  The Autonomous Blogging Strategy works.

The problem with this strategy currently is that it’s not as easy as the process is expressed, this is one of the sources of frustration for most bloggers. It’s obvious to us that to build an audience that will earn withdrawable income through Google AdSense or any other Ads network we need lots of web visitors. For example, Google PPC ( pay per click) is about $0.25 to $0.30 and you and I know that CTR ( Click Through Rate) is always low, about 1% of 400 unique blog visitors. If you do the maths you will probably know how many visitors you need every day, the amount of time and resources you need to create and promote contents that will pull in the numbers of visitors that will make you a reasonable money. If you decide to go with CPM or Private Ads placement, the requirements are also the same you will need a large number of traffics for you to stand a chance to earn a dim, Google AdSense CPM ( Cost per thousand impressions) is about $1.

I’m not actually saying it’s not possible or neither I’m discouraging anyone from going with this strategy, but the truth is the idea of “build a blog, publish a post and monetize through AdSense” is becoming far too difficult for someone with a little budget and limited time to benefit from.

Going with this strategy is not an easy undertaking especially for someone with little resource and time. People are becoming frustrated and disappointed not because blogging is dying, but because they are working with a strategy that is not favourable to them or that requires more resources and time than they are capable of providing.

The thing is to win with The Autonomous  Blogging Strategy, you have to invest lots of resources and time in creating and marketing contents. Actually, every content requires marketing, time and resources to get the attention it needs, but pulling in traffics that will earn you money with The Autonomous Blogging Strategy will cost more of resources and time than you think.

The people who are benefiting from this strategy are people who have plugged in from the early stage when people are looking for where to go to get information online, but now web visitors have thousands of options from where they can get the same information. People who will still benefit in this strategy are those with enough resources, like a team, money, skills, time and experience, they can still cut in and get a share in the competitive market.

But what if you don’t have all the time, all the resources or experience.

Your option might be:

The Tribe Blogging Strategy

The Tribe here describes a group of people with common interest. Unlike Autonomous, they don’t require any certain amount of numbers to be formed.

The Tribe Blogging Strategy involves building a group of people, people that trust you and have interest in your niche or niches. Mostly, It requires sharing unique information that is aimed at adding value to people. This unique information can be experience or speciality knowledge.

The Tribe Blogging Strategy is a kind of content marketing that requires that you offer valuable information to people for free in other to earn their trust and confidence, before offering them valuable service or product for a cost. The difference between The Tribe Blogging Strategy and The Autonomous Blogging Strategy is that in the former, you don’t need hundreds and thousands of traffics to start making money with your blog. All you need is a few people who have built trust around you and are willing to allow you help them solve some of their problems.

Here is an example of how the tribe strategy works, if you run a blog about health, and on regular bases, you share posts about health-related issues, maybe weekly. People who are interested in becoming healthy can source and locate your blog through search engines or links you shared in social media. When they find your blog post valuable they might bookmark it so to come back for more of the information you will be sharing in the future. By reading useful information about health from your blog, they might develop trust and the belief that you can help them solve health-related issues.

By that, you can develop products or services which you can charge them for a cost, most of them will buy-in because they trust that you can deliver on the issues health. And in this case, you don’t need a large audience to start selling. If all you got is 2, 000 total web traffics and 200 are interested and are willing to pay for products and services you offer if your product or services cost  N10,000 do the maths you will tell what the gross profit will be. This is just an estimation, there are many possibilities that the numbers can either go up or down.

These whole analysis doesn’t make The Tribe Strategy a cake walk. With this Strategy, you will still need to do the work. More also, the person needs to develop varieties of skills, skills to create something valuable for free and to create valuable products and services for a cost, the person also needs time, this strategy doesn’t buy into the get rich quick blogging idea, you will also need much time than you think to build trust.

But the advantages of The Tribe Blogging Strategy is that it’s flexible, you can keep your day job and still work on it maybe during weekends, It gives you chance to be unique, you won’t be competing with everybody who is competing with everyone, since most of the content will be from personal experience or speciality knowledge. One thing I enjoy about this strategy is that it gives you an opportunity to talk or do what you love, you don’t have to ignore your passion just because you need a niche with a large audience, you can serve the little people in the niche you are passionate about.

And you know what? You can still explore The Autonomous Blogging Strategy while working with The Tribe Blogging Strategy. Here is what I mean, when you have built your platform with The Tribe Blogging Strategy and you are getting a good amount of traffics, you can still monetize through AdSense. But what is important in this strategy is a mindset, having in mind that you don’t need everybody, rather what you need is some people, unlike the former where what you need is everybody.

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Knowing about these two strategies, you can now choose the one you feel you can thrive at, based on the resources available to you.

But whichever strategy you choose to adopt or navigate to, have in mind that blogging, in general, is not a shortcut to success, it’s necessary to know that work is always needed to make any of the strategies work, you need to commit to it, persist and always show up. No worthy thing is easy, if it’s easy everybody will doing it. Blogging is a worthy course, I believe it deserves necessary attention if anything like success can be gotten from it.

Do you know about any other blogging strategy? What do you think about the two type of strategy mentioned above? Please share in the comments section.


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