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Seven Ways Writing Is Like Working Out.

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Why do you work out? What is your work out routine? When last have you worked yourself out?

Too many questions right?

working out

Last year December, I made a commitment to live this year different, that I am going to live the year purposefully, that I am going to set goals at the beginning of the year and commit to it till the end of the year. I did not want to live it the way I have been living past years, like new year resolution at the beginning of the year which after few weeks into the new year is broken. This time around, I decided to commit to the goals which I have mapped out at the beginning of the year and to evaluate them at the end of the year. Actually, the aim is to see what it will make of me.

Among many things I deliberately wanted to improve and put into shape in my life, one of them was health, being fit. So what I did was to draft a series of work out that I am to be committed to, every day.

It’s almost half of the year, there are lots of data now for me to measure my progress. In the course of doing that ( measuring my progress) I have found out that writing and working out has many things in common.

Success in both of them can be achieved with the same sort of plan, energy and timing.

Ok. You might not get what I’m trying to say, let me explain.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to workout.

Working out is not something we go for special training before we can begin. Trust me, if you wake up tomorrow and decide to start working out, nobody or signage will stopping you from doing that, that is just the truth.

I found out that becoming a writer operates in the same way too, if you decide to become a writer and start writing, nobody will say you are not a writer or you are not qualified, even if someone says that that opinion won’t matter because majority of the writers out there knows that what makes them a writer is the act of writing.

This is against the belief of what people think of writers like writers are those who have obtained some certain degree from certain institutions, some think that writers possess some certain ability. But the thing is, there are no further prerequisites for becoming a writer than writing. You become a writer when you decide to write just as you can work out when you decide to work out.

You don’t have to push hundreds every day

At the onset, my daily target was 20 push up, 20 counts of 3 different kinds if stretches and about 50 counts of footwork, some sort of rational foot movement.

No one will put a gun on your head and say you must push 200 or whatever number. People think they have to start hard or probably harder before it could be said that they have worked out. But that the thing is as little as the movement we can carry out every day, if we can be consistent, that is enough to keep us fit.

This is also applicable to writing, most people believe that for them to merit the title as a writer, they have to be able to write thousands of words a day or in a sitting, but that is not how it really works, 50 intentional words every day is capable of making anyone a better writer.

Although, every writer has his or her pace. There are no issues having your own pace, fast or slow, high or low, they don’t really matter. As a writer, what really matters is that you always write.

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You don’t need to go to the Gym to work out.

The common excuse most people give for not working out is that the Gym is not close to the house, some will say I can’t afford membership in the Gym and many other excuses, they have excuses for not working out. but on a serious stance, we don’t really need to go to the Gym to work out, we can work out right on the floor of our bedroom, living room or any floor around the house, all we need is an open space of the size of our whole body.

This also the same for writing, you don’t have to wait till when you are sitting on your writing chair before you start writing, you can write on the bed, in the kitchen, in the dining or anywhere around the house or neighborhood, the place you are doesn’t matter, what matters is that you write.


There is no right time, every time is right.

It doesn’t matter the time of the day you do your work out, the most important thing is that you keep to your daily goals. Some people are like, I didn’t work out in the morning, so I will leave it tomorrow. The thing is the body is always ready every moment of the day to be worked on. Putting off a day of your daily work out because you missed your timing will only open a chain of omission that will get to a moment when you will stop working out entirely.

This is also the same with writing when you have scheduled your writing time, and unforeseen circumstances occur and steal your writing time, you can still use other time of the day to make up for the lost time, putting off writing because you missed a timing will always lead to more putting off, which can lead to less writing and less writing equals low creative, low productivity .

The bottom line is, there is no right time for working out or writing, all time can be right if we make it so.

There are days when you won’t feel like Working out.

Some days I will walk around the spot I normally use for my daily work out, contemplating whether to go on with the process or skip that day. One day someone even asked me is it by force to do the exercise.

When I’m faced with such condition or question, I always ask myself a question: why are my doing this? honestly working out is not fun to me, so it’s definitely not for fun. The only reason I can think of is that I want to be fit, I want to be healthy, why do I need to be healthy? Because whatever dreams or aspirations I have I need good health to chase them. When I think out all these things, I go straight ahead and do my 10 minutes work out.

This is just a prototype of how writing is sometimes, there are days you won’t feel like writing, you may feel your opinion don’t count, or that you will be criticised, or that you are not qualified to write about that issues, for so many reasons you will not want to write.

This is the time we have to go back to the reason why we became a writer or why we want to be a writer, whatever reason it’s for you, I’m sure it’s strong enough to overshadow criticism, people’s opinions which really doesn’t matter or the act of feeling incompetent, these are actually normal feelings. Most of the successful writers out there have had some of these feelings often in their careers too.

Accepting that all these feelings are normal and still going on with your writing for the core reasons of why you write, is the ultimate way to becoming the best writer you can become.

Some days you might feel like working out, but you won’t have the strength.

Some days are like that, but sometimes the only way to generate vitality is to get into the process.

Just like writing, some days you will sit, facing the screen with no single idea of what to write, no atom of creativity, most time it will look as if all your memories has been wiped out, that could be “writers block” but sometime everything changes when you write the first letter, then the second, then the first word, and the tenth word.

Have in mind that this sort of days can turn out to be the most productive days in your writing life.

You won’t get all the fitness and body shape by working out a day.

I have made a similar decision a few years ago. Then, I wanted the Abs, the fat muscles, all the shapes that impress the lady’s (wink), I wanted to look good in front of the lady’s. So, I looked up on the internet to download some videos guild. I went down to work, after 2 to 5 days I wasn’t seeing any obvious change, I will stand in the front of the mirror hoping that I will see the Abs or the muscles all in shape, I was disappointed, so after about two weeks, I quit.

Reflecting on that experience, I see how we give up on some habits or tasks that have the potential of being profitable to us just because we want instant success.

Most people want to hit the best selling list with their first book, some want their first post to go viral and when all those things don’t happen they give up.

To Become the best writer you are capable of becoming doesn’t happen with one-day writing or one-day effort, it involves continuous writing, always showing up, writing an awful post, book and all that, until one day you write that bestseller or that viral post.

These similarities between working out and writing have made me realize that there are tasks or disciplines that we are already successfully living which we can duplicate the skills, the plans and the processes, to use them in carrying out most of the task we feel is impossible or difficult for us. We can find clues from other aspects of our life to connect the piece and solve any challenging problem we face, challengings like writing.

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