What You Can Learn From An Artist On Designing A Meaningful Life

What You Can Learn From An Artist On Designing A Meaningful Life


Sometimes I’m scared, I’m scared of messing things up. I really don’t want to fail in anything, I don’t even want to make mistakes in anything. I want to make the right decisions in relationships, in choosing a life partner, in building a business, in investing and so on, i want a fulfilled life.

I’m also positive that things will be ok. But being positive don’t get things done, what gets things done is action.  And about not making mistakes, I’m not sure about that, because it seems mistakes are part of the process.

Some where, I read or watch Tony Robbins, he said “when you ask the right questions you get the right answer.”

I Asked, I’m 26, how do I get to shape my life, how do I direct my life towards the path of good health, wealth, love, good relationships, happiness and freedom which are what I believe are the components of a fulfilled life? What easy on earth can one want life if not these things?

Then the answer came, I was surprised that an answer came so quickly. But I shouldn’t be, certainly when you asked the right questions you get the right answers, and sometimes you get it so quickly. Most of our problems exist because we have not pressed the right button which has the ability to open doors for our problems to leave. And Sometimes not pressing the button is because we don’t even know that the button exists.

Learn from a painter (artist). That was the answer I got.

What can we learn from a painter?

“Look at that empty canvas in front of him” ok, I see it. (I know you can’t see anything, but just imagine being in a painter shop). “Can you see those mixtures and collections of colour?” yeah I see them. Do you also see the brush he’s holding?”, yeah. Now let me tell you, the beauty of his paint will be determined by what he does with those tool at his disposal. Wisdom.

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I guess it’s left for me to interpret and relate to the idea suggested to me by the unknown. It’s probably not a proverb, but my elders use to say ‘you don’t tell a child a proverb and interpret the meaning to him or her if you do that it means that the bride price of his or her mother is a waste’. I don’t really believe about the bride price of a thing, but I know I just need to figure out by myself the message in that idea.

What tools do you have? Most of us have great tools, some people are smart, some are fast, some are beautiful and handsome, some are intelligent, some can make you laugh, some can make you cry, some are multi-skilled and almost all of us have the ability to learn. Like that painter, our abilities is our tool, what we do with it determines how our future will turn out to be.

The canvas is worthless until the painter paints on it. In other words, what makes the canvas valuable is the quality of the arts that sit on it. We can also say that what will make our future enjoyable is the action we take today.

In 5 to 10 years from today, we will arrive,  our destination will depend on the action we take today, tomorrow and next.

Remember, the first step to building a fulfilled life is knowing what you want, if you don’t know what you want you won’t know what to do. Just like in creating art, it starts with the painter knowing what tools he needs. For me, what I really want are good health, wealth, love, good relationships, happiness and freedom.

But the truth is, things don’t come because we want them, they come because we take action.

You should know, recognizing your ability is the first step to building a fulfilled life. Just like in creating art of paint, it starts with identifying the tools you need, the painter knows he needs colours, brushes, canvas and his imagination.

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Then, the next step is taking action, taking action today with the tools we have. Remember, the painter, If he doesn’t paint (action) on those canvases (our future), they will remain worthless.

But I asked again.

how do I become more healthy before 35?

Exercise, eat well, drink lots of water, these for physical health.
Read, listen, watch for mental health.

How do I become more wealthy by 35?

Add value to peoples lives.

How do I love her more?

Trust her and focus on her virtues

How do build good relationships?

Do to others what you want them to do to you.

How do I become free?

Whether freedom from mental slavery or rat race, what you need is to, always thinking for yourself, dont allow anyone do your thinking for you.

How do I always be in the state of happiness?

See your past as a lesson, be curious in the present and be hopeful of the future.

I am hopeful, I hope to live the fulfilled by 35, but I better take actions now with the tools I have.


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