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3 Areas You Need To Understand On Personally Developing Yourself

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When you hear the phrase personal development, what comes to your mind?

I do see it as the process of consciously developing oneself to a state of fulfilment in life. It involves balancing every area of our life. For me, health, wealth, Love, relationships, happiness, spiritual and freedom are the 7 areas one should positively balance in other to attain that state in life everyone craves for, fulfilment. I believe personal development is the key to balancing these important areas in life.

Personal development is a conscious act. Without the consciousness in the process, it becomes a normal human development.

According to Biologist, human development never stops, our physical organs may stop growing at a certain time, but they never stop maturing or developing. This means that our body might change due to maturity, we might become wiser, more experienced etc. I bet, right now you know more than you knew two years ago, and certainly, you will know more than you currently know in two years time, inasmuch as you keep interacting with the world, and the clock keeps ticking, you will continue to gain more experience, knowledge ideas, wisdom, and organs will keep maturing.

This is the natural process of human development, it’s an unconscious development process, but that is not only what you and I need to journey through this life where uncertainty, pressures and struggles are among the travellers. We also need personal development, which entails taking conscious action towards our development, mental and physical actions. It’s not the natural type of human development where you don’t have control over what happens to you, where life just happens. In the act of personally developing yourself, you are always in a conscious state, seeking ways to positively balance the different important areas of your life.

The conscious act in personal development involves being curious, asking questions, learning beyond supervision, thinking differently, setting goals, and taking actions. All these acts help you build the right mindset, philosophy and strength (mentally, emotionally, physically) which are needed in balancing your life in other to attain your desire state in life.

personal development

When starting a journey like personal development, starting from the right spot important, you can start by understanding these three parts of life:

Understand your body (physiology)

Knowing how your body work can be very important in your personal development journey. According to biologists,  there are trillions of cells that make up the human body, these cells make up tissues, tissues which make up various organs, which make up our system which – human body. Understanding the parts of your body, how they function etc., can help you identify the parts that need the most development or the parts that will assist you in consciously developing yourself.

Have you ever wondered how your injuries get to heal without no external refilling? Or how and why you get sick? I was surprised to know how complex the human brain is after watching one documentary about the human brain, it’s capacity and modus operandi are incredible. It’s a pity that most people don’t even know how powerful their brain is, some people have stop learning because they feel their brain won’t contain facts anymore. According to researchers, the average human only uses about 10% of his overall brain capacity before death. This means most people go to the grave with 90% of free space in their memory bank, space that could have been used to process ideas, information, experiences that could have made life more better.

Understanding how your body works can help you manage your physical or mental exercise in your personal development journey. There are lots of books and human autonomy documentary videos online that can help you know more about the functions of your physical body. “man know yourself” to me, is one most important advice ever given to man.

Understand the workings of your mind

On studying your physical self, you may get to the stage where you start asking questions like, how do I get to walk, talk, and do some other things automatically? Like, without being conscious of my actions. This is where the study of your mind will serve you greatly.

Understanding the part of your being that controls all other parts of your being and life is essential. You need to know how your mind works, how your thoughts originate, how your habits are formed, how to break old habits that are not working for you or that are working against you. Understanding this part of your being where the beliefs or philosophies that shape your life are installed will surely accelerate your personal development.

Understand the operation of natural laws and rules of life

The universe is governed by laws. Most times we work against natural laws and then spend the rest of our time praying for favourable results.

There is the law of gravity, If by mistake someone walks out from a window of a five storey building, the person will fall and probably land with his or her head, gravity won’t suspend the person on the air because he or she made a mistake, that is natural law. We also understand the law of farming, for us to reap in the summer we plant in the winter. These are natural laws, the issue is we obey them in some aspects of life, and violates them in some other part of our life, mostly,  important parts of life.

Understanding the laws and rules that govern life will help you establish a solid foundation for yourself.

I want to believe that right now you are interested in consciously finding ways to balance the important areas of your life, here is where to start, study your physical being (body), study the workings of your mind and work with natural laws and rules of life. There are books, videos and audios out there that can help you in any of these three parts.

All the best.


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