How to Improve Your Life Using The 1% Rules

Self Improvement

Improvements or changes only happens to someone when he or she believes there’s something to improve. So I want to ask, are you comfortable with the state of your life right now or there’s something to improve? I believe we all have something to improve in our life.

I believe a fulfilled life involves the balancing of these various areas in life health, wealth, happiness, love, relationships, spirituality and freedom, that is my life long goal, to attain a state of fulfilment In life.

In the last two years, I have been working on becoming the best version of myself. One of the thing that has encouraged me on this journey is the amazing truth I found out about human. I have found out that as human, we are an incredible being with unlimited potentials. We have the ability to change the course of our life any time, any day. You may already know about this, among all the creatures in the whole universe human beings are the only creations that have the ultimate control over their mind. We have the freedom to choose our thoughts and then actions, these are actually where the ability we have to change our life grows from, in our freedom of thoughts and actions.

One of the problems I discovered (examining people and myself) that hinder most people from becoming the best version of themselves is the want for instant gratification, the Idea of wanting quick and big wins with no effort.

That had my life heading in the wrong direction, I will say. I will stake a little amount of money in the betting shop and hope to wins millions. The problem is not about being a gambler, the problem is about the delusion I was living in, the idea that I will win millions some day and my problem will be over, the idea of allowing the game master to determine when I win in life, or when to be happy or sad (even though I don’t want to be sad).

One of the first things most people consider when making a decision on a path in life to follow is if that path promises quick gratification, that was actually why I choose to gamble. I thought I will win millions with no or little stress and live my dreams. (I don’t have issues with gambling, but hopelessly depending on it is my worries.)

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The tendency to always want instant success is always high, by that, we neglect the laws that govern growth.

You reading this article, I  believe you are at least some years older (your age?). Definitely, it took you years to be what you are right now mentally and physically. We all came into this world weighing about 2 to 5 kg, and now you are weighing at least tens of kg. No doubt, it took years for you to grow to this extent. If you think of it that way, you will wonder why most people want to obtain what is precious to them in a matter of minutes, an hour or a day, why do people neglect modus operandi of the same law that made them what they currently are.

I wish I know about all this when I was eighteen ( to patiently grow to what I want) I would have started working on what I want today eight years ago. eight years would be enough for me to build the kind of life I wished for today if I had committed to improving only 1% every day.

The 1% Rule


1% is all we need to actualize our future desires, what this means is that whatever you wish to become In the days ahead start improving today 1% on the path to that. The 1% rule is like growth. Growth doesn’t happen instantly, growth happens gradually. Any form of growth that happens instantaneously is always bound to crumble.

Examine 1% rule around you, the farmers used it, they clear, cultivate, plant, weed all through the spring and patiently wait for the plant to grow and mature and reproduce, then they harvest in summer. They don’t plant today and harvest today or tomorrow.

Civilization uses it, whatever we are today is as a result of little efforts of men and woman combined for thousands of years. Civil engineers use it, they dig foundation today, lay bricks tomorrow, they roof the next day, little effort every day, 1% Improvement. As humans, we naturally adhere to it in the growth of the physical body. But the most important place we need to practically use the 1% rule is in becoming the kind of person we wish to be.

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The thing is in 5 to 10 years now you will arrive, the questions is where will that be. The Idea is that if you can commit to improving 1% every day in anything, in 5 to 10 from now you will be about 1825% to 3650% better than anyone who is not improving 1%. Imagine what 1825% of being better in any area of life will feel like or make you.

For example, if you want to read a book to acquire wisdom and knowledge from great minds, all you have to do is read a page a day, in a year you have read 365 pages which is equivalent to a book, in five years you will read 5 books. If you read 5 books in any field there’s no doubt that you will become one of the top 10 most sorted after in that field.

Looking at it also from a writer perceptive, if you write 1% every day, maybe 100 words every day, in a year you will have written about 35,650 words, that is enough to make up a book (novella), in five years you will have written 5 books. Writing a book is what 80% of people out there won’t do in their entire life, but working with 1% rules you can do it in a year.

1% rules validate the wisdom of Lao Tzu (China philosopher) when he said “the journey of a thousand miles journey begins one step.” It supports the idea that you can’t do all things today, but you can do a little bit of all things.

1% rule is futuristic, you may not be at the top today, but you might be there tomorrow.

I will like to end this article by asking you, now that you know how easily you can gradually grow to the person you wish to become, What are you going to do today? Improve 1% on that project or wait and hope for the right time to improve 100%.

I guess you will choose to improve 1% every day.


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