4 Things That Are More Valuable Than Money To An Entrepreneur

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I’m not saying money is not valuable.

In the list of resources needed to lead a life on earth, I recognize the position of money, it’s ranking high up there.

You need money to pay the bills. It’s impossible to survive on this planet without money.

Some people will say, I’m not doing it for the money, I think I know what they are trying to say. What they are really trying to say is that they value the impact of their action more than the money they will be getting. They should have said ‘I’m not doing it mostly for the money.‘ The “most” there would have made it clear to us that they still need the money.  They need the money. Money is important, everyone needs money.

One of the excuses people give for not starting their own business is lack of money. Ask anyone on the street, ‘why haven’t you started your business?’ Lack of Money will mostly be the reason people will give.

But I was thinking, did the founder of Facebook in those days in a school dormitory have all the money he needed to make Facebook the world largest social media today?

Don’t get it wrong, this is not a comparison post, I don’t buy into the idea of comparing people or myself with other people. One of the thoughts I regularly entertain in my head is ‘I’m me I can’t be you’ so this is not a comparison post. I was just thinking, maybe the young man has something that is more important than money in those days.

I’m in the middle of two important projects in my life which requires money and I can’t currently think of how it will play out, so I wrote this post to keep myself focus.

But, trust me these things are more important than money to an entrepreneur. I believe Mark Zuckerberg had, maybe, a bit of these skills then…

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A. Knowledge

Knowledge is the most valuable skills for an entrepreneur. (I called knowledge a skill because I believe every ability man has is a skill, no one came to this world with abilities, we learnt everything we know now in the process of growing ) if you don’t have the knowledge you won’t be able to create value. And if you can’t create value you won’t solve problems. If you can’t solve problems – even small problems, you won’t become an entrepreneur.

Another thing knowledge does for you is that it builds confidence in and around you.

B. Confidence

If you have knowledge about things you will be able to examine every circumstance to determine the necessary action required. You will be able to get yourself ready to respond to life. 

Knowledge equips you with what I chose to call your entrepreneurial equation, which is Solution+ problem = entrepreneur.

With the right knowledge, you can spot where things are not right around you, and then create solutions for it. which is the job of an entrepreneur.

Having the right knowledge will build confidence inside and around you.

With confidence, you can make entrepreneurial decisions.

But how do you get the right kind of knowledge? Read books, blog post, magazines. Watch videos, take courses, attain seminars. Listen to audiobooks, messages, etc.

C. Making Decisions

Decisions are the deciding factors in our life.

Decisions determine where you will be tomorrow. Decisions determine if the business will take off or not. Decisions determine if we will read the book, take the course, watch the videos that might change our lives.

Decisions are part of the entrepreneur master key. Without decisions, problems will not be solved.

When there’s no money for that big project, decisions are part of the things you will need to find another way to keep the project going.

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And when you make decisions…

D. Responsibility

Take responsibility for your decisions and actions.

If my projects don’t come to fruition tomorrow it was based on my decision, it’s my fault. It’s not the devil’s fault, No, it’s my fault. I was in charge, I made or did not make the decisions, not the devil. Because if it turns out fine I will be the one to take the glory.

The reason why it’s difficult to take responsibility is that it’s easy to blame others. It’s not easy to say to yourself, I messed up. It’s easy to point an accusing finger to other people, but not to yourself. It’s easy for me to start blaming everything around me when things didn’t work out. But to be disciplined enough to accept that it was my fault is difficult and that makes it one of the unlocking power of an entrepreneur, taking responsibility.

knowledge, confidence, making decisions and taking responsibility, I believe are most have tools for an entrepreneur. 

What other skills have helped you in your entrepreneurial journey? share in the comment.


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