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5 Impression myths To Avoid As A Writer

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writers myth

Our expectations of what is good and how things should be done could be one challenging obstacle we have to overcome in other to live our dreams as a writer.

In every endeavour in life, there are myths, most of which prevent us from performing. With my little experience in the journey to becoming a writer, I have found out that there lots of myths which hold most people from advancing on their writing journey.

In this post, we will look at 5 impression myths that anyone who wishes to advance in the writing journey should avoid.

An impression is one of writers ultimate goal. As a writer your motive will be mostly to make an impression on your reader, you will like to give your reader your lens for them to see things the way you see things. This will greatly determine how you create your writings.

But whatever ways you choose to impress your readers try avoiding any of this myths.

1. As a writer, I have to impress people with big words

I believe big words is not really what makes a good writer, the message is what does.

Take a self-assessment, how many times have you read a writing and after reading, commented, this is not a good writing the writer didn’t use big words. I bet you don’t do that.

Actually, what is important in every piece of writing is the message, is it clear? Can the reader read and understand?

Many people still assume that writers should know and use big words. I believe big words are not necessary, using simpler words is even more advisable, because it saves everyone the stress of consulting dictionaries when trying to understand your points.

2. As a writer, I have to impress people with fine structure

Many people still worry about how their writing should appear in a post, book or wherever and then they end up not publishing. Things like paragraphing, indenting, commas, periods and all that seems to be more important to some people than the message they have to share.

The thing is what is important is that you make your writing readable in a way your readers are going to understand what you are trying to say. While you can learn and find better ways to structure your writing when the writing journey is stable, you should focus on presenting a readable piece of writing to those who are going to read your writings.

3. As a writer, I have to impress people with good ideas

Actually, no one knows what consist of a good idea. Stories of publishing house rejecting books which later became a success has proven that no one knows what is a good in an idea.

If you have an idea and within you, you feel the idea should be shared, just share it.

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4. As a writer, I have to impress people with my style

Finding your own style of writing is an interesting adventure for every writer. But if you are starting out on the writer’s journey and have read and collected a list of what it takes to become a writer, and maybe ‘having your own style of writing’ is among the list, trust me you may have to tire up your list. Because you may not find your style until about reasonable numbers of writing.

What actually should make the top of your list is how to write consistently, that is what is most important on the writer’s journey.

5. As a writer, I have to impress people with lengthy content

If your ideas require plenty of words to express, that is ok. But if you can also express your ideas in a shorter length that is even better.

People value their time, they will appreciate if you help them save up some of it.

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That is it, the 5 impression myths you should avoid.

Has any of these myths in any way or anytime influenced your writing life? Do you know about any other myths that might limit someone on the writer’s journey? I would love to hear from you in the comment.

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