Here Are Few Reasons I Try Not To Judge People

Here Are Few Reasons I Try Not To Judge People


Not judging people can be the most difficult rule in life to live by. In the world where we observe on daily basis people acting funny and stupid, it’s difficult not to point an accusing finger at people.

My sister was telling me the other day about her observations, It was about another person. Her observations were noticeable, it was obvious to me. But because it was about another person, I didn’t respond, I kept mute, I didn’t want to judge. Actually, not responding made me boring, just as I use to be sometimes. I kept mute because i don’t want to judge the other person, not because I’m a saint or I know it all, but because I don’t want to judge people.

It’s difficult though, but I just have to try, for my own good.

And because…

Judging is a waste of energy

Every component of a human being is made up of energy. According to Scientist, the energy our brain produces every day is capable of powering an electric bulb. We use energy when walking, talking, eating, thinking, laughing, smiling, dreaming, breathing, even when holding hands with that special person.

When you judge you give out your energy to an unproductive course. There are many other things we can invest the extra energy we have every day on rather than wast it. We can use it to save the world or reserve it for tomorrow, who knows the challengings tomorrow is coming forthwith.

Not only is judging a waste of energy, it’s also a…

A waste of time

It’s nothing, it’s just 1 to 10 minutes of small talk, you might say. I already have 1,440 minutes a day 1 or 10 out of it won’t hurt, you may add.

Even 60 minutes won’t matter, until you have judged hundred┬ápersons, then you can do the maths. It may start to matter.

It takes one minute to think myself into happiness or self-talk myself into a good mood. So I will rather try to spend a minute in happiness than judging people.

Judging makes us blind to facts

When we activate our Amygdala, that part of our brain that is responsible for judging, the chief judge of our mental faculty, we become blind to facts.

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We forgot that this other person doesn’t have the kind of experiences we have had. We forgot that most people weren’t brought up by lovely mum, dad, brother, sister, guidance etc.. We forgot that most people didn’t attend the sort of school we attended. We forgot that most people aren’t eating the kind of food that we are eating, the kind needed for the development of the brain, which can make someone think well, so to act well. We even forgot that these people are trying to lead their own life.

Because we want to please that part of our brain, we ignore all this facts and judge.

Judging leads to anger

Although most time, we don’t judge people because we are pissed off by their actions or deeds, sometimes it’s just something to catch fun with.

But most time judging leads to remembering something that happened in the past. In some cases, it’s a hurtful event that happened in the past which you might have forgetten. When judging you will try to remember how it all went down, then you touched the sore that has almost healed and it starts bleeding again.

Judging leads to hatred

One of the greatest rules of life Is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. The rule says love, not like. I don’t like most people I meet every day in the street, in fact, most of them are annoying, it will probably be impossible to like them. But what I can always do is love them.

Loving your neighbour is all about not have any bad feelings for them, wishing them the best in life. But that sort of feeling can be difficult to harbour when judging people.

Hold on. We are not talking about the romantic kind of love here.

Just by speaking unfavourably about someone, you have already activated a resentment feeling. And you know, love and resentment can not follow in the same direction at the same time. And you probably know what opposite of love is…

Judging makes us look like the perfect guy

Judging people not only make us blind to other people’s struggles, it makes us blind to our imperfections.

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You may think you are fun to be with, to someone out there you are just annoying and acting as if you know it all. That is the kind world we live in, a world where every individual sees things differently.

Judging people make us look as if we are God, although we are gods, a small one I believe. But judging people makes us big God. It makes us look as if we have completely figured out how life should be. It makes us look like we have grown above mistakes.

But we have not.

Judging other people leads to other people judging us

Judging not so that you will not be judged, that is the master teacher advice two thousand years ago, I think it’s still relevant today.

I don’t want people to judge me so I rather not judge people. Because if I found out that someone judged me especially not knowing the reason why I did what I did, I will be angry, my anger will lead to negativity and the negativity leads to negative thoughts and feelings, which leads to the wrong type of action I wish for my life.

I hate negativity.

But, it’s difficult to observe some stupid stuff some people do and still keep mute. That is an honest truth. In fact, to save myself from not judging I think about writing and then I write. You just need to find something to distract yourself from judging people.

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But I have a problem, I can’t stop judging my little niece and nephew. Maybe I need to learn how to judge them with love. At their age, they need all the corrections they can get, so when I’m around them and they do stupid things I will judge them, but maybe with love.

Or maybe I should also judge people with love… Is it possible? How do I do that? That will be another discussion for another day.

For now, just don’t judge.


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