how create a facebook page

How To Create A Facebook Page With your Smartphone Or PC (Beginners Guide)

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how create a facebook page

As you may already know, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. The platform has over a billion user globally. This large audience has made it a good place not just for socializing, but also for Bussiness and profession activities.

There are tools in Facebook that can help anyone achieve his or her intentions. Actually, what prompts me to write this guide is that most people mix up their social life with their business or professional life on Facebook. More often, you will see people sharing their products or services on their profile page on Facebook, It’s not supposed to be so, Facebook has a tool in its platform called Facebook Page which is designed with the right tools to help anyone run a business or manage a professional life.

In this guide, I will show you how to create a Facebook page with your smartphone or computer.

More about Facebook Page

Facebook page is one of the features in Facebook that most people don’t know about or how it works. To understand the Facebook page, look at it as an office or a shop on the Facebook platform where people can come in to know more about you, just as we have offices or shops offline where people walk in to know more about product or services.

The Facebook page allows you to create a business page with options for a different kind of business and profession.

The options you will find in the category of business include local businesses, companies, organizations or institutions, brands or products, artists, bands, public figures, entertainment and more. You can select the right category and subcategory that best describe your page. 

Whether you run a company, or you buy and sell products, or you offer professional services, or you are a sportsman, there’s a suitable category that you can choose to create your own business or professional page in Facebook.

More of what you can do with Facebook page

Facebook page is designed with the right tools and features to help you showcase your business to the world. When People connect with your Facebook page by liking or following it, it makes it easier for them to keep in touch with your activities. There are also well-defined structures for you to publish post, images and videos related to your business. You will also find paid promotion tools that you can use to reach more people on Facebook.

How to create a Facebook page:

In this section, I will show you how to create a Facebook page using your smartphone.

Note, I used a screenshot of the standard Facebook Android App to point out the necessary steps needed for this task. The location of buttons and key features might be different from your own mobile view, based on the mobile app, app version and the type of phone you are using, so put these things into consideration when following this guide

Let’s get started:

Step 1: At the top right of your timeline, click on the three small dash.

Step 2:  at the left side of your your profile, you will see the section for the list of your  favourites features, scroll a little bit down to find the page section and click on create page
Step 3: click on get started
Step 4: Key in the name of the page you want to create and click next
Step 5: choose a suitable category and subcategory for your page, then click next
Step 6: You can add your website if you have any. But if you don’t, just click skip or next to continue.
Step 7: Add a preferable profile picture or you can just go ahead and click next and add the profile picture later
Step 8: Add a preferable cover photo, you can also go ahead and click on visit page, then add the cover photo later.
To set up your page to your choice, use the edit page button
click on settings
And use the setting options available to set up your page to your choice

That is all for creating A Facebook page with your smartphone. In the next section, we will look at how to create a facebook page using a PC.

How to create a Facebook page using a personal computer

Step 1: After signing into your Facebook account through a browser, at the left side of your timeline where you will find the create option, click on page. 
Step 2: next you will find options for the kind of page you want to create, click on get started on any of the type of page you want to create.
Step 3: type in the name for the page and chose a category and subcategory for your page, and then click continue.
Note: to get options of categories you need to provide few words that best describe your category your page belong 
Step 4: provide a profile picture for your page or skip this action
Step 4: provide a cover photo picture for your page or skip this action

That is it your page is created. For more settings

You can use the settings button at the top right of your page 
Use the various setting options in it to set your page to your choice 

Also, explore other settings on the page to set up your business or professional page.

There you have it, how to create a Facebook business or professional page through your smartphone and computer. I hope you find this guide helpful if you have any questions feel free to drop it in the comment sections.


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