How to get images for blog post

How To Get Images For Your Blog Without Violating Copyright


How to get images for blog post

Maybe you have just finished setting up your blog and the next thing is to start publishing content, but you are thinking of where to get images for your post. Or you have been blogging for a while and have been using images from every source not minding copyright infringement, maybe because you don’t even know where to get legitimate images.

In this post, I will reveal to you 4 ways you can get images for your blog without violating anyone’s copyright.

If you are new to blogging, the first place you will want to go to find images for your blog post will be Google. That was what I have been doing before now, I will open Google and type the keyword of the type of image I want, scroll through tens to find my choice, download it and upload it to my blog without considering who owns the right to the images. But that was before. Since I have discovered a way to get genuine images, I have been going through my previous posts to updating my images with images from a genuine source for safety reasons.

Though, Google normally states the fact that the image in their search engine might be under copyright protection. But that could be the last thing anyone will want to pay attention when in desperate in-need of images and don’t have other options.

image from google search engine

Nevertheless, the best way to violate someone’s copyright is to use images from Google. It’s ok to use Google images when you don’t know how to get some. But now you can use any of this 4 ways below.

Buy stock images

You can buy images from websites like:

When you buy images from these websites you will be given the right to use it in any way you wish. There are many other websites out there where you can find images to buy also. Some of these websites allow for a subscription plan, where you paid a certain amount for a certain period of time to use their images. While some allow you to use their image for free but with watermark (their name is written over the image).

Actually, there are many reasons you might want to buy images, one is when you need a specific type of image which you probably can’t find from other sources.

But, If you don’t have money to throw on images then this might not be an option for you.

This one might be…

Use Creative Commons images licenced for commercial use

You may want to know who or what creative commons is all about. Creative Commons is like a charity organization, they are concerned about making creative content accessible for free and for all. They actually have a donation button on their website at where people can donate to support their course. I believe the money they receive is what they use in sponsoring most of these Contents.

Part of the content they sponsor includes images. When it comes to images, there are image websites that are licensed by creative commons to deliver high-quality images to the public, for free.

Although, there’s are some creative commons image websites that don’t allow you to use their image for commercial purposes, while some require you give credit to the source of the image or the photographer that owns the image.

But with…

You can use their images as you wish without attribution. There are many other creative commons image websites out there. When you come across any creative commons image website,  it’s advisable you check their terms and conditions to know the permission you have to use their images. Lately, I have been using upsplash, they have good quality images but the header image on this post is from Pexels.

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Capture photos by yourself

Another way to get images for your blog post or website is to personally capture images. If you have a digital camera or if your phone has a good camera you can use it to capture images and use them for your blog/website.

Design images for yourself

If you are a graphic designer or knows how to use any of the graphics tools like Photoshop, Corel draw, Adobe creative suite, etc. you can create beautiful images to suit your Blog contents. I have seen images in some blogs which obviously were personally designed and they still communicate effectively the message the image is intended to pass on. Some people also combine images with text, thwart it and produce something beautiful and unique. That you might also consider and see how it works with your blog.

Note. When you are combining images and text to create your image, be sure the images you use are not under copyright protection, because if it’s, it can also lead to copyright infringement.

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I hope this post has helped you with ideas of how to get genuine images for your blog post. If you know other ways or sources to get images for blog posts without infringing on copyrights, please share in the comments section.

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