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The Best Way To Learn Digital Marketing

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learn digital marketing

So you have been hearing about the idea of marketing goods and services online (digital marketing) but don’t really understand how to go about learning the skill. You may have even asked, maybe friends or Google, what is the best way to learn Digital Marketing?

In this post I will share with you an Idea I assume to be the easiest way to learn Digital Marketing. The assumption is not based on observation, but from a personal point of view. I assume the idea to be the easiest way because that is how I have been learning the same way I have been learning Digital Marketing skills.

What is the best way to Learn Digital Marketing?

The best way to learn Digital Marketing is by blogging. Yeah, blogging, you had me right.

You may be thinking, I don’t also know how blogging works and I can’t set up a blog either.

But the thing is, setting up a blog has become so easy these days that anyone can do it. It’s now easy that anyone who can use social media can also set up his or her own platform online. Even where technical skills are required there are posts, videos or courses online that can help anyone get through.

Blogging has not only helped me on my writing journey, it has also helped me in learning more about Digital Marketing. I started blogging about 2 years ago, with no idea of what Digital Marketing is all about. But by just playing around with my blog for months now, I have learnt a lot about Digital Marketing, I have even obtained Google certificate on Digital Marketing and also a certificate as a digital marketing expert from a body India. I have been able to know the things I know about Digital Marketing by simply experimenting and learn by trying new things on my blog. Whenever I discover new ideas or tools, I will come straight to my blog and try them to see what works and what doesn’t work.

If you want to learn Digital marketing, blogging will create the opportunities you need to be able to practice other Digital Marketing components.

For examples, In Digital Marketing, there are major components that make up the whole of the Digital Marketing functions, they include Content marketing, Social media marketing, SEO( searching engine optimization), SEM( searching engine marketing) Email marketing, Analytics, Mobile marketing etc. When you examine how all these components functions blog is one tool that can simultaneously accommodate all other Digital Marketing component.

What this means is that, if you start blogging, you will have to deal with almost all of these other components of Digital Marketing, which on the other hand will give you the opportunity to learn more about them. These days to start blogging all need is just a small cash to host and buy a domain name and a little knowledge of how to set up your blog on the world wide web. When that is done and you start blogging, you will discover that you will have to write posts for your blog which will lead you to the component of Digital Marketing call Content Marketing.

When you have written and published your post, you will want to make it visible to people who search for information through search engines, that will prompt you to know more about  SEO or SEM.

You will also want to lets yours friend and families see or read your post, that will lead you to share your post on social media, which will lead to knowing more about social media marketing.

You may also try to know where your web visitors are coming from so that you can write for them better, that will lead to knowing more about analytics.

By also wanting to maintain personal contact with your visitors or readers you may begin email communications ( email marketing).

If you get to understand how other components of Digital Marketing works, you will see that they can either directly or indirectly be connected to blog. So by blogging you will find yourself dealing with all other components of Digital Marketing through which you can learn the basics. And the thing is, once you have known the basics of the major components, learning more about Digital Marketing and even become an expert will become easier.

I hope you got the idea of how blogging can help you learn more about Digital Marketing.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions. And feel free to share with friends who might be interested in digital marketing.


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