website and blog

Understanding The Difference Between Website And Blog

website and blog

Maybe you are planning to build an online platform but don’t know which one is best for you, whether website or blog. Or you have been surfing the internet and have been observing different forms of web layout and you don’t seem to understand which is a website or a blog. 

Lets clear all that out.

In this post, we will look at what website or blog is, what each of them is used for, how easily you can identify both of them and which one could be best for you and your project.

What is a website?

A website is a page in the world wide web (www) that contain information in form of content (text, images, video, graphics, etc) of a particular organization, person or the general public.

When a website is about an organization, you will find information or news about the organization. You may find every information you need to make decisions regarding that organization. Information like the organization portfolio, their mission and vision statement, their products and (or) services, their profile, their contact address and details, testimonies or news about the organization, etc.

When a website is about a person, you will find information about an individual, his or her works, what he does, how you can reach him or her, how possible you can connect and do business with him or her and so forth.

A website that is about the public is broader than a website meant for an organization or individual. Understand that website about the public has the capability to document the information of the general public. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram falls into this sort of websites. Also, forums, online shopping stores, online learning platforms (LMS) can be group into this category too.

Here are some easy identifications of a website.

  • A website page is static, it displays contents in one page per view, except in the public form of websites where the structure can be complex. At default, a standard website has a homepage which can contain links to internal pages and information about the website.
  • A website is formal, they are built with the image and business message of the owner to the public in mind.
  • A website contains Information about a business, product and services.
  • A website can contain transactional functions.
  • A website is a one-way communication, it focuses on communicating information directly to the visitors, not purposefully for interaction.

Building A Website

There are many ways you can go about building a website, you can hire someone to build it for you, or if you know how to program, you can program a website by yourself, all you need is to learn the necessary program language like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++, etc. or you can use a content management system like or or .org to build your website.

What is a Blog?

A blog is made up of web posts. Blog display post (contents) in a chronological format, with the recent post always on the top of the listing. One major difference between a website and a blog is that blogs are frequently updated. A blog can be part of a website, more about that below. 

A blog can be about a person, thing or subject. A blog is meant to inform, educate and entertain. Through blog you can share your knowledge, experiences, ideas, skills, etc. you can inform people about anything, politics, music, movies, etc.

Anyone can run a blog, a business can use a blog to inform their customers about their products and services. Individuals can use a blog to share with the world their opinions, experience, ideas, knowledge etc. An example is this post you are reading right now, this post is just about my knowledge on website and blog.

Here are some easy identifications of a blog.

  • A blog post is displayed in chronological format, the recent post showing at the top.
  • A blog is regularly updated with contents (blog posts)
  • Blogs can be casual, most people use a blog as a journal.
  • A blog enables interaction (two-way communications) with the help of tools like comment
  • Blogs are aimed at Informing, entertaining educating.

Blogs can be created through the same process of building a website, but the easiest way to create a blog is with a content management system like or WordPress. WordPress is my best pick, I have written a post where I explained why I pick WordPress for building web pages, read about it here.

Combining website and blog in one platform

You can combine both website and blog in one platform. What this means is that you can have a website and a blog running in one platform that is identifiable by one domain name (your web address online.) A business can have a website, a static page where it informs its visitors about the business and also a blogroll, where it can share informative, educational or entertaining contents related to the business.

On the other hand, an individual can have a blog where he or she shares his ideas, experience, skills, knowledge, etc. and still have a static page where he can inform people about his works, achievements, projects, how possible to work with him or her and so forth.

Website or blog, which is the best for me?

It all depends on what you are into or what you aim to achieve. If you are running a business and wish to take your business online, a website can be the best option for you, because it will enable you to inform people about your business.

If you are a celebrity or career person, or a professional, website also can be the best option for you. You can use it to inform your fans, clients and potential clients more about you. Like your achievements, your next projects or your availability for hire and so forth.

If your goal is to share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, skills, experiences, etc. with the world, a blog is the right platform for you. You can also integrate a static page in your blog to talk about yourself, how to reach you and your products or services if you offer any.

If you have a website as a business and still have the ability to produce contents in regular bases, you can also integrate a blog to your website, that could be a great way to implement content marketing in your business. For example, this platform you are reading this post is a blog, but I also have other static pages which take a form of a website where I share other information about me (i combined the two platforms together.)

I hope it’s clear to you now the differences between website and blog and how possiblely you can use any of them.

If you know of other ways to differentiate this two web terms, please share in the comments.

If you also have questions please drop it in the comments.



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