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These 3 Mentalities Can Limit Our Abilities To Be Successful

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Why does it seem like few people have all the good things they need and want in life and majority of people are living what could be call the struggle life.

I believe mentality makes the difference, while the most successful people might not be saints, I have come to observe that they have built for themselves, knowingly and unknowingly, sound principles that brought them most of the success they enjoy.

Success can be measured in different ways, and also different people will always have a different definition of success.

Take for an example, monks in a monastery may not be thinking about millions of dollars and big Manson. Success for monks could be attaining a higher state of spirituality.

But for most people out there all they want as success is the money, the fancy things out there.

The starting point of success is to define your own meaning of success.

The thing is, as an individual we ought to have our own definition of success.

Lately, I have defined what success means for me in various areas of life such as wealth, health, happiness, relationships, love, freedom and spirituality which I believe are the components of a fulfilled life. Now, all my goals are aimed towards achieving these definitions. 

The good things about defining success for yourself are that it makes you stop competing, it helps you appreciate the little little progress you have been making (gratitude), it helps you find your pace in life, knowing fully well that 7+ billion people on this plant can not travel on the same speed because they don’t have the same ability and can’t see success in the same way.

Defining success for yourself  helps you identify your strength and weaknesses.

When you know your strength and weaknesses trust me, you are almost there, because you can work with your strength and find ways to improve your weakness.

I wished I knew earlier these underlining principles for success. But it’s never too late for me or anyone. I still have 1, 3, 5 to 10 years to achieve my definitions of success. And I still have tens of years to live every bit of it.

I will be 27 in the next few days, as at the time I’m writing this, but until 2 years ago, I was having this limiting mentalities about success and successful people. These mentalities have deprived me many of successes I was due to enjoy.

I hope you learn from my mistakes, a wise man once said “wise people learn from other people’s mistakes and fool learn from their own.”

I used to think: That money is the root of all evil

This mentality developed as a result of where I grow up.

I grow up In an environment where most people believe that money is the root of all evil.

But think of it, how could something capable of helping us become useful to the world at large be evil.

I believe this mentality is originated from some popular verse in the holy book, like the one reads “it’s easier for a camel to pass through the hook of a needle than a rich man to enter into heaven” or “money is the root of all evil”… I believe these verses have their meaning but they also don’t disagree that money can be used to do good.

I’m an amateur when it comes to Bible, but according to an ancient story, it’s was a good rich man that took and buried the body of Jesus Christ.

It’s all about what you think of money, if you think of the good things you can do with money, money will be good. But if you keep thinking of the evil things money is doing, money becomes evil.

I prefer to adopt a quote that says “money is the root of all good things.

I used to think: Being A Good Person is Enough to make me successful

On this mentality, I used to ask God questions, question like, why don’t you bless me, at least for being a good a boy :).

And the reply I always got is, you have all you need (a sound mind) use it, and stop disturbing me with thousands of requests every time in form of prayers.

I have come to discover that success is governed by principles and as human we have the mind power to find these principles and follow them through.  Successes are governed by principles, once the principles are followed you get results (note: it can take years). The thing is it doesn’t matter who followed the principles, whether devil or a saint, anyone who follows success principles wins.

Before now I use to think that being good is enough to make me successful. Success doesn’t come because you are a good boy or girl. Success comes as a result of following success principles knowingly or unknowingly.

I used to think: Bad people succeeded more

I used to think that bad people tend to succeed more than good people…

…have you ever thought about this before?

It’s is easy to find how cruel, manipulative, stingy etc. most successful people are, but it’s difficult to see all the good principles that determines success that they possess. It’s difficult to look deep to see their determination, commitment, persistent, continuous learning and faith in their actions. thanks

There are two dominant force in life, positive and negative. By only upholding any of this force won’t make you successful, you have to apply success principles also.

Here is the problem, most people think because they are positive and also believe in the positive things in life, which are what God represents, they should be entailed to success. Aligning to the positive side of life is not enough to make you successful, you still need to apply success principles.

So, it’s not about bad people succeeding more, it’s about the good people not applying success principles, it’s about the good people thinking that just being a good boy is enough to make then successful, it’s about the good people not using success principles in a positive a way.

I believe you are a good person, I believe you align with the positive side of life.

But, I wish you define success for yourself and I wish you find success principles and follow them through.

This is the advice I give myself, but I want you to see it as my opinion on how to develop a sound success mindset.

“Life is like a journey in the dark, we need light to walk through the journey of life, the light we need is the truth, which are principles that govern life. Life principles are the truth we are all seeking for, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Let the truth you find in life set you free.”

Emmanuel Onyewuchi

Stay strong.


I will love to know, do you have any limiting beliefs about success and successful people? please share in the comments section below.


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