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4 Essential Skills For Becoming A Prolific Digital Marketer

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One of the core beliefs that I work with as an online entrepreneur is that everything we humans do in life is a skill. From the movement of our hands to our ability to talk. One other thing I discovered that always boost my confidence is that all skills are learnable, i can learn any skill I need including digital marketing skills.

Everything about digital marketing are skills, and you can learn any digital skills you want to master.

In this post I will share with you, in the mist of many skills required to become a digital marketer, some basic skills you need to become a prolific digital marketer.

If you are new to digital marketing or you are just having an interest in it, the words used here might sound too hard, making the whole thing to look difficult, but the thing is, these and every other digital marketing skills are learnable, once you have decided to learn any one of them, surely you will  find the right post, videos, books and courses that will teach  and help you become better.

Let’s start with…

1. Copy-writing

I wanted to focus on basic skills here, but copy-writing is not a basic skill, the reason we are discussing copy-writing here is because I couldn’t find a better way to explain how someone can do better in digital marketing without having an idea of what copy-writing is all about.

Copy-writing is a big thing, in the field of digital marketing.

Thousands of people spend their entire life chasing copy-writing as a professional carrier, it’s a skill full of skills. I want everyone to understand the tips shared here, so let me simply and briefly explain copy-writing for the sake of some people who are new to digital marketing.

Copy-writing is about telling people about the WHAT, WHY, WHOM, HOW and WHERE of your product or services. It’s also called sells copy or Ads copy.

Let me break down the explanation above…

The ‘WHAT’ there is your product or service. It’s about telling people about your product, does it have a name? What is it for?

The ‘WHY’ is all about pointing to  people reasons why they need your products or services.

The ‘WHOM’ is an opportunity to show to people that your products and services works, this can be done by sharing peoples testimonies.

The ‘HOW’ is telling or showing them every possible way to get your products or services.

The ‘WHERE’ is about how your customers and prospective customers can reach you.

Copy-writing is all about telling people what they need to know about your products or service. Copywriting has a pool of skills. To be able to scale on copywriting you need to be acquainted with some other skills like writing and psychological skills (ability to read people and environment).

The thing is, copy-writing skills are vital to a digital marketer. Here’s why, as a digital marketer everything you do online is connected to an end game of selling to people something, either as a product, service or idea. They may be non-profits, but the end is to appeal to people to buy something from you. If you don’t let people know your products or services in a way that will interest and convince people, they won’t buy. And when they don’t buy, you lose your end game which ever it’s for you, profit or goodwill.

Straight to the point, you need to learn how to write sells copy as a digital marketer.

2. Reflective Thinking

You will find reflective thinking skills discussed more in the psychological skills needed as a Copywriter. But it’s an important and simple skills anyone can develop before diving into the vast oceans of Digital marketing.

Reflective thinking in this context requires that you think of yourself as the customer.

You have to learn to sit back and think to yourself as the customer who is trying to buy a product or service. How will you react, what did you consider more interesting as you read sells copies, what turns you off and on in copies, did I always get everything I need to know about the products or services and the vendor. These are questions that you may have to ask, to really get to know what to include in your copy-writing.

These questions can help you craft a better copy for your products and services. And you know, when your copy is good, you win the end game.

3. Adaptability

Adaptability skills involve being able to know that things will change and positioning yourself right for the changes.

Technology will change, platforms will change their privacy policies, which will change how their platforms will be used, which will also affect what works when implementing digital marketing. It’s like a ripple effect in an ocean.

You need to learn to always adapt to changes.

4. Strategic

Strategic here is all about you having your own plan.

Chess game

One of the reasons why most people don’t think of becoming a digital marketer is because when they look around, they find many people doing the digital marketing stuff, then they think to themselves, how are my going to survive in this competitive industry.

The thing is, if you are strategic in digital marketing implementation you won’t even worry if everybody in the world is doing what you are doing.

Strategy makes you unique, it makes you stand out.

Strategies are what every successful business online today uses to outwit their competitors. When Google was building Gmail It didn’t worry that Yahoo was doing the same thing they want to do, they want straight ahead with their strategies, and there you have it, top email provider in the world. Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, all these companies they didn’t worry that people were doing what they wanted to do when they came into the market, they focused on strategies, they came up with ways to give people a better experience and they won.

Strategies are important in digital marketing, you don’t have to be doing what everyone is doing, you need to keep seeking ways to serve your customers or prospective customers better than your competitors. It involves lots of thinking but it’s worth it.

Final words

There are more other skills that are vital to a digital marketer. But If you work on these skills mentioned above, you will observe improvements in your digital marketing journey.

I hope this post helps you understand some of the basic skills that are vital for becoming a digital marketer. I will also like to hear your opinions on the topic. Use the comments section below to ask questions your question and share your thoughts.

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