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4 Essential Skills You Need To Start Online Marketing Career

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Digital marketer

One of the things I have come to realize about life is that most of the things we humans do in life are skills.

From our ability to move our hands, talk, walk, sing or even market online, they are all skills

One other discovery that has given me the privilege of becoming more, like more confidence and optimistic towards life, is that all skills are learnable. You can learn any skills you feel you don’t have, this including online (digital) marketing skills.

It’s obvious to us that we are now in the digital age. One of the most viable career anyone can follow through in the digital age we have today is how to sell online, online marketing

The world has widely gone digital, so having the necessary skills to deal with the digital nature of the world is something that is in very high demand these days.

There are buckets of skills that are required to becoming online marketing, which are all learnable, but in this article, I want to share with you 4 out of much online marketing skills that can help you build a strong foundation towards your online marketing career. I wish I know about these skills two years ago when I began my journey on this path.

If you are new to online (digital) marketing or you are just having an interest in it, the words used here might sound unfamiliar, don’t worry they are just online marketing jargons which you will get familiar with as you get into the journey of becoming an online marketer.

Here are 4 skills that can form a strong foundation for you as an online marketer.

1. Reflective Thinking

This is a psychological skill.

It’s an important skill to develop before diving into the vast oceans of online marketing.

Reflective thinking in this context is the ability to swap position when implementing online marketing activities, it’s the ability to think of yourself as the customer or the person you are hoping to reach.

You may want to ask if this is a skill, yeah I believe it’s a skill. You have to learn how to sit back and think as if you’re the customer or prospect.

This skill is very important because it helps you to know the right kind of tools and methods to use in implementing your online marketing plans.

Learning this skill is very easy, here is what it looks like, you need to sit down and asking yourself some questions:

How will I react if I were shown this? what do I consider more interesting or convincing when I read sales copies? what turns me off and on in sales copies? what information do I require more when trying to buy something?

Answers to this question can give you the right perceptive of how to effectively reach your audience or customers.

2. Adaptability skill

Adaptability skill is all about knowing that things will change and positioning yourself right for the change.

Technology will change, privacy policies of platforms will change, which will change how their platforms and tools are used, which will also affect results or outcome. It’s like a ripple effect in a big ocean.

Learning to quickly adapt to changes is one important skill to learn as an online marketer.

On a daily bases, new tools are been created, old ones abandoned or neglected due to lack of effectiveness.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work and quickly adopting to what works is what adaptability skill is all about and it’s very essential for an online marketing

To be at the top of this skill, all that is needed is to keep a track on the tools and resources that you are using and also researching to find out better tools and resources that can serve you better.

3. Strategic skills

Strategic skill for online marketing is all about developing the ability to always work with plans.

Most people get discouraged to get into online marketing because they observe or see many people doing online marketing, then they think to themselves, how are my going to thrive in this competitive industry.

If you are strategic you won’t even worry if everybody in the world is doing what you are doing, because you will be working with a unique blueprint.

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If you are strategic, it makes you unique, it makes you stand out.

Strategies are what every successful business online today uses to outwit their competitors.

When Google was building Gmail, it didn’t worry that Yahoo was doing the same thing they wanted to do, they want straight ahead with their strategies, and there you have it, top email provider in the world.

Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, all these companies they didn’t worry that people were doing what they wanted to do when they came into the market, they focused on strategies, they came up with ways to give people a better experience and they won.

To thrive in the online world today as an online marketer, you need to have your own ways of implementing your online marketing plans, you don’t have to do what everybody is doing. Because your prospect or customers might be different, or the value you are bringing to the market might be different, the way you are going to offer it or reach people might have to be different too. You need to keep seeking ways to serve your customers or prospective customers better, that requires being strategic and it involves a lot of skills.

It involves lots of observing, understanding, thinking and planning, but they are learnable and they are worth it.

4. Copywriting skill

Copywriting is all about writing contents that propels people to take actions.

Marketing online involves communicating with your prospective customers WHAT, WHY, WHOM, HOW and WHERE of your ideas, products and services, that is where copywriting comes in.

Having the skill to write contents that propel action is one viable skill you need as an online marketer.

Copywriting requires a lot of writing skills and understanding of your audience, but it’s worth learning.

Actually, most online marketers prefer to hire someone to do their copywriting for them, but learning how to write your own copy will give you an edge as an online marketer than hiring someone to do it for you.

Like I said earlier, all the skills mentioned here are learnable, you can start by watching videos or reading few blog post about copywriting or any of the skills mentioned above.

Final words

There are tens of skills one need to become an online marketer, there are even some that I can still add to this list. But the skills mentioned here can serve as a foundation to you as you began your online marketing career.

I hope this post helps you understand some basic skills that are essential to becoming an online marketer.

What do you think about these skills? Let me know on the comments section below.


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