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4 Techniques That Will Help You Improve Your Writing

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writing techniques

Years ago writing was one thing I thought would never be possible for me. The thing is, I used to think that becoming a writer is for only the smart and intelligent people, that it’s for the people whom God has blessed with specific ability, the talent to become a writer.

Upon that thinking, I discovered a name for one of what most people call disability (difficulty dealing with words,) I discovered that I’m dyslexic, that also clouded my thinking that writing won’t be possible for me. But something happened, I got interested in an activity, I wanted to become a blogger, so, I had to write and I started writing. Although my initial writings where nothing to be proud of as a writer, please if you come across any of them don’t read them, they are an embodiment of wrong spellings, unstructured, unorganized, error-filled sentence, etc. They are still there/here on my blog, I always feel shy reading them. But I’m leaving them there because they remind me how it all started and areas that I need to improve.

I developed an interest in blogging, blogging led me to writing stuff, now I have developed passion for writing. Two of the reasons why I have come to love the act of writing is that, First, writing allows me the freedom of expression, I’m an introvert, so writing allows me to express myself without worrying about people laughing at me. Secondly, the call to becoming a writer is a noble calling, writers are the people the world find worthy to entrust the preservation of our civilization. I like the idea that I’m among these crazy but responsible group of people.

What are the techniques I use to improve my writing?

Writing is a journey, there is no end destination to it. It’s a journey that starts from point A – the moment you decide to become a writer, towards becoming the best writer you can become. For writers, within point A to wherever his or her journey might lead him or she, it’s all about becoming a better writer. For most writers, it’s all about trying different styles, voices, genres, trying to improve their writings. This is the same for me, I know I started badly, although I’m getting better. I’m not the best I can become as a writer, I still need to improve. So, every day I try to improve my writings and these are some of the techniques I use:


It might sound awkward, but I became relieved when I read one author write that it’s good to steal peoples ideas as a writer. Before then, I use to wonder, how on earth are my going to invent new concepts, new ideas, new philosophies about a subject? Because it seems every subject out there have been written about, if not today at least 2000 years ago. How will I write about a subject without directly or indirectly repeating what someone has said some time ago?

But the idea, that it’s good to steal ideas from people, changed everything for me as a writer. The thing is, in the world, we are living today, no one can boast of being the origin of a whole idea. Think about it, for the first few months you came into this world you didn’t even know where you are, you didn’t even know if you are in America or Asia or Africa, you didn’t even know what is called idea. How then will someone say the whole idea of that subject matter was his making. Here is how ideas are formed, even ideas like the electric bulb of the great Thomas Edison, you get a bit input from A, a bit input from B, a bit input from C,  a bit input from D and so forth. You combine them together, what James Altucher call idea sex, then a whole new idea is born. This is a genius act of the highest other, this is creativity at its peak.

Stealing has helped me improve my writing by making me more creative as human. Here is how, when I read about a subject from different writers, I gather all their ideas and opinions on the subject, then I think over them, evaluate them, interpret them based on my experience, knowledge and the environment around me, I then write about the same subject from my own perceptive, with my understanding from reading that subject from other writers. Confession time, this is how I write all my post and books. That is what I have known to be creativity If it’s not what creativity is all about please prove me wrong.

Write regularly

Writing is like building a muscle, you don’t hit the gym and hope to build all the muscle in your body in a single day. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work out that single day, a day is not enough to build all the muscle that needs to be built in your body.

This is the same with writing, I don’t see how possible it’s for you to write a day, a week, or even a month and then become the best writer you can become. You need to build your writing muscle to become better and that requires showing up regularly on blank pages.

I used to advocate for writing every day as a writer. While I believe it’s an ideal way to improve your writings, I have come to realize, with A recent personal experience, how difficult it might be for most people especially when writing is still a side thing.

The goal now is to write regularly, as regularly as possible, to make sure writing time is taking serious, to write as badly as I can and when I know better I can write better.

Rethinking everything

Before now I used to look at the world with one lens. I used to think that everybody should act according to what I think is right. When people acts contradict my view, I become resentful.

Now I’m rethinking everything.


Because I now know that everything I believed for the past 25 years of my life was sold to me. I know the people that sold it to me meant well, they want me to be a better person. But what is interesting about this is that these great beings who have shaped my beliefs thought me based on their own beliefs and what they think is right. The question is, are their beliefs empowering me and is what they think is right – right for me –  me rethinking my life.

Rethinking everything has made me curious and a questionnaire. And you know, curiosity is one of writers greatest tools. Most of my writings are now based on my opinion on questions I have asked myself and the world.

Read Read

I recently, I mentioned in an answer I wrote on Quora that whatever opinion or advice I will give relating to personal development, reading will always be on the list. That is how vital I see reading.

How easy are my going to steal people’s idea if not by reading their writings? Reading helps you build your knowledge bank. When you have knowledge about your subject matter, trust me your words will flow like a river. Like how one writer put it “read a thousand book and your words will flow like a river.” One of the ways to know what you don’t know is reading. I can’t think of a better way to emphasize the importance of reading to a writer.

The truth is you can’t differentiate a great writer from a great reader. I can testify, since I became a book junk I have seen tremendous improvement in my writings.

I wish to share more techniques with you, but let me just stop here. I don’t want this post to be too long. But just know that stealing ideas, writing regularly, rethinking everything I know and reading are some of the techniques I use to improve my own writings.

I hope this helps in anyway you want it to serve you.


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