3 Positive Life Codes To Live By For A Peaceful And United World

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A lot of things are happen in the world we live in, different people with different beliefs, different ideology and different perception about life.

Ask a man somewhere in Asia what he thinks about death, he will tell you something like ‘his spirit ascending into a spiritual realm where it can be purified before beginning another journey in life.’ 

Another man from Africa he will tell you that his forefathers reincarnated in their offspring just as he also reincarnated from his grandfather or forefather. 

I’m African, the above-stated belief is similar to the fading belief my people. 
Another man somewhere will tell you that after death comes judgement, which might land you in h**l or heaven, all depending on your deeds here on earth.

Diversity will continue to exist when it comes to beliefs or ideology or perception about life, of what should be or not. 
Arguing about who is right or wrong will only stir anger and disunity among the people of the world. 

There are lots of things that determine our beliefs, things like where we grew up, who nurtured us and the people whom we spent most of our time with. 

Everyone should be free to believe in what he or she chose to believe. This is my opinion, which actually doesn’t matter.

But here is what might matter;
For all of us to coexist here on earth we need to live by some positive codes, codes that supports unity and peace.

Codes that don’t recognize the colour of the skin, or geographical location, or the sound of the voice. Codes that can speak to every heart. 

We need to live by positive life codes.
The code here simply means rules.

Here are some codes everyone can live by to encourage peace and unity in the world. I believe every sound religion will uphold these codes.


Kindness is a universal language the blind sees it and the deaf hears it. 

As a human, it’s in our nature to accept without a thought of where and from whom a smiling face or a gentle caring tone is coming from.

We don’t care if it is coming from someone from Asia or Europe or Africa, human has a natural tendency to always want to be around a place or people where they feel safe and respected.

Kindness doesn’t have to be too obvious or too extraordinary, it is as simple as going out of your way to making other person’s life easier.

Kindness can also involve letting people you encounter on regular basis feel that there is a need to continue living life. 

Kindness can be passed across in many ways, from the look on your face to the tone of your voice, down to the needy you gifted.


“Honesty is expensive, don’t expect it from cheap people.” I think it was Warren Buffet who stated this wisdom.

But what if we live in a world where we can trust every word that proceeds from the mouth of our neighbour? Won’t that make life a little easier, at least in making important decisions in life?

Imagine the mental stress people go through dealing with every spoken and written word they hear and see.

To make decisions you have to weigh all the words you hear or see, you have to weigh the intention, integrity, motive of the writer or speaker. All this being done to avoid been lied to.

But what if there’s a world where honesty is a code for a living. 

Where we don’t need to lie to convince people about our opinions and intentions.
Or to sell our products and services.
Or to strike a deal.

This kind of world can be possible, but it all starts by we being honest to our self. When we start lying to ourselves, lying to others becomes a cake walk.


“Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Selfless and timeless wisdom.

What does it take for me to love you regardless of your skin colour, race, ethnicity or religion? Nothing much than the intention to love.

To love one another doesn’t really implies that you should kiss me anything you see me, though that could be part of it. (wink).

Love here is more about cultivating an accommodating mind for all, it’s more about wishing one another the best, it’s to the intention of creating a world where we all have good intentions for one another. 

A world where if you eat small you allow me to eat small also, lol. A world where if you can’t help my struggle you don’t also add to it. 

Is this kind of world possible? yes with Love it’s possible. 

“Love is the candle that light the path of a peaceful and united world, kindness is the language spoken in this kind of word and honesty is the building blocks of relationships in this world”

End of post.


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