These 3 Habits Are Transforming My Life

Self Improvement
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One of my newest discovery in life is that Personal development is vital to achieving success in anything in life.

“If you want to change the world go home and love yourself” I think it was mother Theresa who stated that brilliant Idea. I will love to borrow from her, if you want to do something meaningful in life go home and develop yourself.

2 years ago, I use to see writers as genius. Then, when you say to me, you see that guy, he’s a writer. I will be like, wahoo, he must be so smart, God must have blessed him with talent that enables him to become a writer. I never thought becoming a writing is possible for me. Why? Because I’m dyslexic and maybe I’m not talented or smart.

Also, when you ask me, why are you not heading towards your dreams, I can usher you cushion to relax while I file out my list of reasons from my past life. I’m never in shot of answers for this sort of question, because I have a list of excuses I can table for you. There are lots of people and event I can sort through and hip the blame on. My scapegoats, I had many of them.

But today everything is changing, because I’m getting better. I now believe that everyone can become a writer. I have also come to realize that I don’t need to blame anyone for my misfortune, I need to take responsibility. I now know that what i really need is personal development, making myself a better person.

There are different ways to improve in life.

But for me, these 3 activities are helping me become a better person.


You already know this will come in the list. You might have read it a thousand times that reading is important.

Well, just add this to the ‘times’ you have read or had that reading is important. If you ask me any question relating to becoming better, reading will surely fall in my list, that is how important I see it.

For the past 2 years, I have tried in making sure i read on a regular basis educative or instructive contents. Note, I didn’t say something entertaining, so it’s definitely not social media post, off course I read social media posts and chats. But I try to  read at least one blog post or 10 pages of book every day in any area of my interest.

Because of reading, these days I feel I’m wiser than I was 24, 12, 6, 2 months ago. I feel I’m getting better, all thanks to reading.

10 minutes workout

I use to think that the ultimate goal for working out as a guy is to build the perfect body shape to impress the lady’s. I tried with this motive some time ago, guess what happened? I gave up within 2 weeks. I thought to myself, why will I put in all this stress just to impress the lady’s, it didn’t seem reasonable to me. 

Although, some guys do want the Abs. just to keep the girls crushing. I’m not saying I don’t love that idea, off course I do 😆. But the thing is, I gave up on working out because the motive was just to impress the ladies with Abs. I thought over it and said to myself one faithful day “if she doesn’t like me the way I’m, let it be, I can’t come and kill myself because of six pack.”

Motive is important in succeeding in anything in life.

The motive has changed, now working out is for my own good. I need to be healthy to chase every of the goals I have for myself. I need to build a strong muscle that can carry me through rough and tough days.

You know, human are selfish, because it’s for myself, I now workout 10 to 15 minutes 4 to 5 days in a week.


Writing is a creative act.

Writing allows me to dive in deep into the unknown, it creates the opportunities for me to think deep and wide. It allows me to reflect on issues of life.

All my life I have always wanted to be creative and writing is helping me do that.

I’m becoming better in writing, I feel healthier, I feel smarter than I was 2 years ago. These three activities are really transforming my life.

Which one of them will you try? let me know on the comments section. Please share with your friends, they might find it valuable and I will appreciate it.


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