9 Habits To Develop To make This Year Your Best Year Yet

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Are you certain like me? I’m certain I will record tremendous achievement this year, because I’m committed to giving my best to creating the kind of future I want for myself, and I wish you will go on this journey with me too.

Everyone wants the best out of every year, but getting the best out of the year requires discipline, discipline which lead to habits through actions.

In other to bring your goals to fulfilment, you will be dealing with creatures out there, you will have to interact, work and transact with people in the world around you, that is the possible way to fine the good life we are all seeking.

It’s through this mingling, interactions and transactions that opportunities are created, which leds to getting the results we desire.

In other to create and make the best out of every opportunities that will led to making the year your best year yet, you need to develop some good disciplines, habits.

You need to develop habits that will help you deal peaceful with the world around you, habits that will help you see opportunities where people see obstacles, habits that will help you add value to people, value to the world at large. You need habits that will help you build a strong body and mind, habits that will help you be your best self, because these are what if put together will make your year glorious.

For the past two years I have dedicated chunk of my time studying and learning new skills, one of my studies has being to find out what every human being mostly want in life, what are the major human wants?

What do we all want regardless of our differences?

There are two major things most people want from life (you might be on this list of this people) A Peaceful world and a fulfilling life.

These two things are what almost every human being strive for, either intentionally and unintentionally on daily bases, the only differences that might exist is how we all go about seeking these two things.

But regardless of how you go about this major human wants, if you develop the right kind of habits you can always navigate towards them.

These habits below will help you in achieving your greatest desires this year.

1. Open mind

Open minded involves that we understand that everyone have stories to tell.

We all grew up differently. Different neighbourhood, with different peer groups, different parents, in different worship centre’s.

All these differences in our making has a lot of influence on us. It will shape our mind and perception to some an extent.

But the shocking thing is that some of these things we have learnt or were thought as a result of our differences are not universally ideal, they where just the opinions and understanding of our care givers or influencers at a particular time.

In fact most of the ideas and mindset we have developed as a result of our upbringing might be the cause of the challenges we are facing in some aspects of your life.

Having an open mind involves that you understands that most of your beliefs where and are made up for you.

The question is: what if the people who made up or are making up your beliefs are wrong about a thing or everything?

When you think of this in this way, you will see reasons to respect people’s opinion, because it will be very clear to you that everyone is operating from their belief system.

Give people the opportunity to share their stories, don’t make people look stupid because they grow in different environments and have had different experience, which in turn have built a set of beliefs in them.

Allow your mind to explore all the opportunities (stories) available for it to explore, and allow this stories to help it expand.

Because when your mind expands your life expands too.

2. Work-out regularly

Our body is like a house that houses our mind and soul. It’s our physical representative here on earth.

It’s the tools that helps us bring to reality the creative aspects of our mind.

A weak and sickly body can not reveal the full God given potential of the mind.

Don’t take working out for granted.

Didn’t say I’m fit or I’m strong, it doesn’t matter now.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be competitive or too hectic.

Find some moves that will help you strength your muscles, make then stronger, so that they can carry you through year down to your old age.

3. Smile

Smile, for your smile can lighten up someone’s day. Not just that, it makes you more beautiful and handsome.

4. Read

One of the major challenges we have, especially in Africa, is not reading, this has made us so gullible.

We only take reading serious when there’s an exams to write, while some people who read read what is comfortable to me. They read what will validate what they already believe, it’s called confirmation bias.

Read vigorously.

Don’t just read the easy stuffs, Also read stuffs that contradict your beliefs, you don’t need to change your believe because you read someone offering different opinion on what you believe, read to have in-depth, then you might understand  why people believe in what they believe.

Read and read and read

Read at least five books of different people’s offering their opinion in the area of your interest and see how smart and knowledgeable you will become.

Reading is the only way to know what you don’t know. And the only way to understand what you don’t understand.

Someone has already gone through what you are going through, and he or she has taken time to written about his or her experience, why not learn from him or her first hand, and avoid mistakes, save yourself some years of trials.

5. Agreeable

If you keep having objections every time someone share a thoughts or opinions with you, the chances are the person will stop sharing with you his or her thoughts and opinions.

It’s ok to loss to some arguments.

Being agreeable doesn’t mean you accept every thoughts on a subject, it means trying your possible best to find a common ground for everyone’s thoughts or opinions.

Don’t always be the reason that someone feels insecured, be the reason that someone feels seen, heard and supported.

6. Giving

You don’t have to let the whole world know when you give. When you do that it’s like you are trying to prove to the world some thing.

Remember what giving is all about, it’s a privilege.

Someone once said ” the giver should be happy that the receiver received”

And this true, if the receiver didn’t receive how will you know the joy of giving.

But the real thing is that when you give to someone and show or tell it to the world, you decrease the self image of the receiver.

Giving is an opportunity to give back to what ever that has conspired to help you get what you have. Some call it God, some call it the universe, you can’t see him, so you can’t pay back. But it’s a privilege that you can find people whom you can do things for on earth and still feel like you are doing it for God.

Like as John Maxwell said “God sees the value we add to others and it’s like we did it for him”

It’s not all about money, you can give your time, attention, wisdom, knowledge, etc. In the world we live today most of these things are more important than money to some people.

7. Compliments

Learn to stay thank.

Don’t always feel entitled

Don’t always count age.

I know you are older than me, but if I help you out with something, even though you can do it for yourself, just say thank you. It tells me a lot about you.

Saying thank you when necessary can go a long way to tell about our personality. A pleasing personality will go a long way to creating opportunities that can make your year what you wish it to be.

8. Listen

Learn to listen.

Not only that you learn more by listening than talking, but you also give someone the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.

One of the most important thing about listening is that you can catch trends while listening to people.

Listen helps you get an idea of people’s deepest desire, you get an idea of how to treat people right, either in business or relationships.

Learn to listen more and than you speak, and thank me later.

9. Taking responsibility

Whatever happened just know that you are the caused of it all.

Don’t take glory when good things happen to you and then point accusing fingers when things go wrong.

Learn to accept defeats just as you celebrate in your wins.

Accepting defeats and taking responsibilities will help you think objectively about your failure or mistakes, and probably gain more from it, then blaming everything around you.

Don’t start pointing fingers when things go wrong. It hasn’t help any other, I’m not sure it will help you.

Always take responsibilities of your actions and even your life.


As you journey through the year, and trying your possible best to make these habits part of your every day acts, I’m certain we will definitely come out glorious at the end.

What habits are helping you shape your life? I will love to hear from you on the comments.


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