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Digital Marketing

If the Digital world around  fascinate you, then taking time to evaluate where we are coming from might help you anticipate the speed and direction of our digital world, which can help you to be better prepared.

How did we get here?

The digital experiences we are enjoying today didn’t just pop out under twinkling of an eye, the digital tools that we see around us, which has and is creating opportunities for humanity today have been evolving from decades ago.

For example, the gadget (Phone, Laptop, iPad) you are using to read this content, the tool (internet) you used to download this content and the platform (WWW) where you are able to access this content, all started from a primitive version and in the past decades, has advanced to what we now see today.

The process of this advancement is revolutions.

There have been few revolutions before the digital revolution, the two most talked about are the industry and agricultural revolution.

The digital revolution can be traced down from 1950s to 1970s. This revolution gave rise to phones, computers and the internet, which on the other hand made the information age we live today possible, which is transforming human lives in areas such as communications and business.

Digital revolution from personal experience

My first phone in 2006 was BIRD, a Flip small phone, I didn’t even know the model. Then, the feeling of owning that phone was like anything wonderful you could think of. Although, owning the phone then was just one of the challenges I had to go through to enjoy the digital revolution that was gradually reaching us in my home town.

Then, I have to search for network in other to call with the phone, but I was happy doing it. No internet, I did not even know about the internet then, not to take about using it.

But today everything has changed, smart people now use smart devices, the world wide web, which makes it possible for anyone to reach the whole world is accessible to all now because we have the internet to connect with it.

There was a time when computers are one gigantic object occupying a whole room, and as the year passes by it started getting smaller and today we have something that can sit on someone’s lap.

There were times when storage was done with a vacuum tube, tape, cassette, etc. But today we have memories stored in a chip or even our file stored in cloud storages.

When it comes to connection, there was a time when human communication and device communication were enabled only through cables and are limited to a location. But we have advanced from the lowest and slowest possible of communication and connection to communication that goes as fast as the speed of light (EDGE, 2G, 3G, H+, 4, 4+, Wi-fi etc.)

There was also a time when owning a space in the world wide web was expensive and was meant for Tech Gurus, people with sophisticated skills on web development, but today it has become so possible for someone without previous knowledge to go ahead and create a webpage and own web space.

The point here is that the digital world we are enjoying today has evolved from nothing to something and is definitely heading somewhere. That somewhere is what I wish that you reading this can get an idea of and see how you can position yourself rightly.

The world has fully accepted the digital world, people have accepted and are accepting to live with it. This has made profession that has a digital nature (like digital marketing) to have lots of potentials.

This is one thing we should be certain about, every hand responsible for the advancement of the digital revolution will always continue working towards making what we currently have today more better.

With this in mind, here is how I see the future:

As we advance into the future, smartphones will be smarter, the internet will be faster, people will be more connected. House, offices and business will move from off-line (real world) to online, business will be done globally from anywhere, robots will replace humans in factories, products will be mostly home delivered, most services will be received at receiver convenient and pace, people will be working from home.

Today, the work from home ideology is already spreading, people are already tapping into the opportunities the digital advancement is providing.

To paint my vision of the future more clearly, here is what it looks like:

Like we have houses in the real world, we will have houses on the world wide web WWW. either as a website or blog.

House address will be by a preferable chosen name e.g Anyone who wants to know more about you doesn’t have to come to your house, they can simply go to and get all the information they want.

Also, just as businesses are located in a building (house) in the real world, business will be located on the world wide web (www.,) people who want to do business with an entity will not have to come to a physical location to know or find out about the operation of an entity.

With smart devices and tools, people will find a business online make enquiries, negotiate deals, close deals and have their services or product delivered to them at their comfort zone.

This means, anyone using social media or other platforms that are not owned will be assumed like a tenant occupying a space in a house. It will be seen as living or doing business in a rented apartment because every social media or platform out there is someone’s or people’s property because social media is always a business strategy that operates by bring people together and monetising their presence, attention and data.

The Labour market will not be safe unless something is done about it. Because as digital evolves, works which previously are done by 10 people will effectively be carried out by 1,2,3,4 or 5 people with one little smart device. This will result to more unemployment issues, only for those who can not navigate.

The three bodies that have in last centuries shaped civilisation will adopt, Churches will minister to their members through digital means. The government will adjust to accommodate, serve and protect its people through digital means, Schools will also instruct and teach through digital means.

If you observe closely you will see that the adaption process of these institutions are already taking place.

You might be thinking, are we now going to abandon the real world? Not really. We will find ways to make it better. You may also want to ask won’t it affect the interaction that makes us human. It will, in fact on the level of adaptation we are today, our human interaction are already declining, look around you, everyone is looking at their phones, so it’s already a problem and we just have to find a way to deal with it.

Actually, the future in “quote” here is not going to be a perfect world, just like the one we are living today is not. It will have it’s own ups and down – disadvantage and advantages. It will take away jobs like early mentioned, but that will be from those who are not prepared.

Degrees will no longer be useful, no organisation will care for the theories you will have to offer, skills will be viable. There are some other ways this future in quote will become a detriment to us or rather to some people.

But among all these, there are lots of opportunities, especially in the digital marketing space.

Take for an example, the world population is rapidly increasing, especially in Nigeria. Market for goods and services are expanding. Cities are being crowded, if you live in a city like Lagos in Nigeria, with all the hold ups and go slow you that confront people on daily bases you will understand the stress people go through on daily bases. You may also observe how most people will appreciate that some of the service or product they go out to get are brought to them at their comfort zone. (Opportunities)

How to seize the opportunities:

When you visit any human resources management, you will observe how frustrated people are in their quest to getting a job that won’t even pay all the bills.

What if you use Digital tools out there to show the world that you are capable of handling a better position, that might take away the need of looking for a job or that might position you to getting a better paying job.

You may be experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and even talented in one thing or another, what if you share all this gift with the world, by using every of the tools the digital world has provided.

Not only will it make the world a better place by improving the information age we live in, there are chances that the acts can impact your life positively.

What if you learn how to use the digital tools around you to bring product and service to people at their comfort, I think this is the most viable opportunities the digital world has created.

I wrote here that digital marketing is one of the most lucrative skills to learn in this time of our generation, when you look at where we are coming from, where we are and the direction we are facing towards the future, you will understand that regardless of what you do or plan to do, having basic knowledge about digital is essential.

Businesses are moving online. And that is something you should give reasonable attention.

To be able to see more opportunities in the Digital marketing space, you need to take time to study the industry and and also understand it’s history (where it’s coming from) that will build a solid foundation for you to anticipate where it’s heading to, because the industry is big, with that you might be able to find a space to occupy in it.

Digital evolution has made way for  industry like digital marketing, which is also changing how businesses are done globally and in the process creating opportunities for everyone, finding ways to tap into these opportunities is a responsibility that is left for you and me.

I hope this post have given you some level of insight on Digital and digital Marketing.

If you have questions or comments please drop on the comments section.


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